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Purpose-Built Tablets For Utilities Since 1996

In 1996, Utilities Helped Xplore Find Its Purpose.

Did you know that Xplore’s very first rugged tablet was built for – and with – a power utility? In 1996, after 18 months of cooperative engineering and field testing with Sierra Pacific Power Company, Xplore became the first rugged tablet manufacturer to design and deliver the complete computing experience in a mobile form factor. Over twenty years later, we’re still building rugged tablet solutions to the specific requirements of our utility customers. We'd love to help you build a rugged mobile tablet solution for your utility company.

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Today, Xplore is Paying it Forward.

Xplore knows which mobile technologies work (and which don’t) in utilities’ operating environments. We know the right questions to ask to make sure you have the rugged tablet tools to support your field service personnel – and meet rising customer service expectations – today. We also think ahead:

Windows® 10
Internet of Things
Smart Grid Interoperability
A Transitioning (and More Transient) Workforce
New GIS Applications
Automation 2.0
New Service Opportunities in the Commercial Sector

Ready to Map Your Mobility Future?

These utility industry expert insights will help:

Want to implement future-proof mobility solutions with immediate benefits?

Xplore will work with you to architect a complete rugged tablet-based mobility solution – with the right feature sets, workflow capabilities, and accessories to solve your current and future challenges.

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