Xplore Ultra-Rugged Tablet Testing Against Aggressive Salt Fog Corrosion

Xplore Ultra-Rugged Tablet PC for Maritime Environments

There are many reasons why mobile computers are being tested for shipboard use by military organizations and commercial transportation companies. Real-time data collection and analysis via a single device can significantly improve navigational charting, resource allocation, and the security of on-board crews and goods. Mobile computers can also centralize the tools used for on-board and ship-to-shore communications; inform crew decisions with accurate intelligence; and aid in the execution of emergency action plans.

Unfortunately, not many commercial – or even rugged – mobile computers pass the seaworthiness test. The effects of salt fog on electronic devices can be harsh. Only ultra-rugged tablet technologies that have been tested to rigorous MIL-STD-810G Salt Fog standards have the corrosion-resistant internal and external design to prevent sea air-induced failure

Xplore MIL-STD-810G Salt Fog Tested and Corrosion Resistant Tablet Computers

Xplore’s XC6-series ultra-rugged tablets are IP67 and MIL-STD-810G rated for use in maritime environments where salt fog is prevalent. The XC6 M2 is ideal for Navy, Coast Guard, Marine, or other military sea-based units where real-time communications and sensitive data transmissions are essential to daily operations. The XC6 DM and DML configurations offer commercial maritime organizations a highly-reliable military-grade tablet PC platform that offers the same ultra-rugged level of resistance to salt air corrosion with more flexibility around other processor, storage, and data entry components.