Rugged Mobile Computers

Xplore’s integrated portfolio of mobile computing products enables customers to easily automate their mobile workflows with the right combination of rugged tablets, purpose-built devices, accessories, and connectivity solutions.   Contact us to discuss the best rugged tablet for your unique mobile computing needs.

Motion R12 Rugged Tablet PC


12.5” Windows Tablet

Rugged Tablet PC

The R12 Rugged Tablet PC is designed to empower the worker who moves from the field, to the vehicle, to the office. It’s sleek, lightweight and features a wide array of thoughtfully designed accessories. Learn More

XC6 Rugged Tablet

XC6 Series

10.4” Windows Tablet

Ultra-Rugged Tablet PC

Xplore’s XC6 Ultra-Rugged Tablet PC Series offers legendary ruggedness, unparalleled tough mobile computing performance, and innovative display technology that will impress no matter how extreme the work environment. Learn More

XSLATE B10 Fully Rugged Tablet PC


10.1" Windows Tablet

Fully Rugged Tablet PC

After a day on the job with the 10.1" Xplore XSLATE B10 Fully Rugged Tablet, you’ll understand why this truly mobile, fully featured, rugged tablet PC sets a new standard in durability and connectivity. It's compact yet commanding in the field. Learn More

Motion F5m Rugged Tablet PC

Motion F5m/C5m

10.4" Windows Tablet

Rugged Tablet PC

Built for demanding work environments that require robust enterprise software compatibility, the F5m Rugged Tablet Platform offers durability and functionality while keeping you connected and secure. Learn More

Bobcat Fully Rugged Tablet PC


10.1” Windows Tablet

Fully Rugged Tablet PC

Backed by a MIL-STD-810G rating and easy integration with Windows® 7/8.1/10, the Xplore Bobcat is tough, sleek, and one of the most fully-featured Windows® tablets in its class. Learn More

XSLATE D10 Fully Rugged Tablet PC


10.1” Android Tablet

Fully Rugged Tablet PC

When your line of business demands a flexible mobile operating system and depends on a rugged mobile PC with several broad I/O options, your workers will appreciate the powerful new XSLATE D10 Rugged Tablet. Learn More

Motion CL920 Rugged Tablet PC

Motion CL920

10.1” Windows Tablet

Rugged Tablet PC

The CL920 Rugged Tablet PC Platform is a giant leap forward in our durable CL-Series, now more ruggedized with faster processing power and enhanced connectivity. The tough CL920 Tablet stands by your side with support for full Windows® operating systems. Learn More


Xplore’s wide range of workflow-optimizing tablet PC accessories enables customers to customize their mobile solution. These products include docking stations, chargers, batteries, cases, and I/O devices. View all