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Xplore Partner Program

At Xplore, we believe in strength in numbers. We recognize the value that our partners bring to the development and delivery of best-in-class rugged mobility solutions to customers around the world. We are committed to establishing long-lasting partnerships with distributors and resellers that can provide the high-quality technical, vertical, and business acumen required to successfully support our customers’ evolving mobile technology demands.

Our Commitment to Partners

We are committed to our partners’ success. As a Valued Xplore Partner program participant, you will receive exclusive access to a number of educational and financial resources designed to energize your sales and marketing teams and elevate your position as a trusted rugged mobility and vertical industry expert. You will also receive the full support of Xplore’s sales and Solution Architect teams, as well as a custom sales and marketing toolset that can be used to generate new sales opportunities and increase your revenue in the growing rugged mobility market. 

Requirements and Benefits Include: 

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Xplore’s global partners have a clear understanding of how Xplore’s rugged mobile computers can interface with your individual technology infrastructure, integrate with existing business practices, and be applied to overcome your mobility challenges. They are technology experts, vertical industry specialists, and experts on your local economic and business cultures. They are physically located in your region and ready to provide highly-responsive, on-call or in-person support to you from the moment you start shopping for a new rugged mobility solution, no matter the size of your organization or your rugged mobile computer purchase. 

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