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Want to Deliver a State-of-the Art Mobility Solution? Let Xplore Help You Get Started with a Custom-Engineered Rugged Tablet

At Xplore, we are focused solely on producing high quality rugged tablet-based solutions for our customers’ most complex business challenges. That is why we routinely co-design and co-engineer specialized mobile technology systems with other OEMs. We know that our collaborations deliver greater value to end customers, especially when their business performance is dependent on the performance of our rugged mobile computing platforms.

“One of Xplore’s strengths is the ability to engineer flexible rugged tablet technologies that allow OEMs to customize and implement future-proof mobility solutions based on our industry-leading platforms.”
~ Tom Wilkinson, CEO of Xplore

Powerful Computing Platforms to Complete Your Mobility Solution and Accommodate Customers’ Specialized Technology Demands

OEMs such as Strategic Robotic Systems (SRS), FlashParking and CLS Group, along with many defense contractors and healthcare technology manufacturers, have been relying on Xplore rugged tablets to fulfill their customers’ unique technology demands for over 20 years. That is because Xplore provides extensive customization capabilities to OEMs, including the ability to:

  • Build, manage, expand and/or maintain dedicated client solutions across a wide variety of industry sectors. Each of our rugged tablet platforms can be modified both inside and out to satisfy your solution’s hardware specifications and facilitate your customers’ specialized business applications. Our highly scalable mobile computers can also be configured to facilitate hundreds of different field, vehicle and office-based workflows, ranging from equipment testing and measurement to drone control and kiosk transaction processing.
  • Add specialized technology capabilities to the most powerful and most reliable rugged tablet platforms on the market today. We work with our OEM customers to integrate custom-tailored security, connectivity and communications technology, among other hardware features, into our professional-grade Windows® and Android™ mobile computers. For example, we worked with CLS Group to add an integrated Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) modem and flexible satellite antenna into our XSLATE D10 platform. That first-ever satellite Android rugged tablet – now known as Thorium X – was originally meant for maritime applications. Today, it is also being used for recovery and relief efforts in natural disaster zones where there are no cellular or Wi-Fi signals. In addition, SRS worked with Xplore to integrate the XSLATE D10 into the core of the intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) that controls its groundbreaking FUSION - a hybrid vehicle that uniquely combines an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and DIVER Navigation/ Propulsion into one system for search and rescue, explosive ordinance disposal (EOD), mine countermeasure and other military inspection tasks.
  • Deliver a highly adaptable technology system that can be further tailored by the customer as business requirements evolve in the future. Xplore rugged tablets are built-to-order using the latest generation Intel® processors, expandable storage and memory capacity, expandable I/O ports, and a number of other quality-engineered computing components that provide long-term solution stability and scalability. This allows our OEM customers (and their customers) to continuously innovate without compromising on performance or user experience in the process.

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More Than Just a Mobile Computer: Discover the True Value That Xplore Brings to Your OEM Solution

When you work with Xplore to design and develop your OEM solution, you also gain the support and resources of our mobility specialists. This includes a team of mechanical engineers, software engineers and Solution Architects that maintain a deep expertise in the vertical markets you serve and know how to solve your customers’ most complex operational and technology challenges.

Meet a few of the team members that drive our OEM customers’ success:

Bryan Bell, VP of Engineering Xplore custom in-vehicle mobile computing solution
Ron Harter, Senior Director of Software Engineering
Dave Reber, Mechanical Engineering

Joe Hensley, Enterprise Sales Director

Contact Joe to discuss your custom-tablet OEM solution.

“As a leading global rugged tablet manufacturer, Xplore remains very agile in responding to evolving market demands for highly specialized mobility solutions.”

Contact our OEM solutions team now to learn how we can help you deliver the perfect rugged tablet-powered solution to your customers.

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