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Feb 11, 2019

From the DistribuTECH Tradeshow Floor with Zebra (Video)

by admin

By Kevin O'Donovan (Video): I met up with Kyp Walls, Computing Solutions Marketing at Zebra Technologies to find out about their latest L10, a fully rugged tablet platform and to hear from Kyp about the type of work Utility Workers are using these devices for these days. ... Continued

Jan 25, 2019

Electronic Design: What Makes a Rugged Computing Device Truly Rugged?

by Tom McNeela

Just because a product claims to have a certain characteristic or specification, it doesn’t make it true. For instance, when you hear something is “rugged,” does that mean it is strong? Or, does it mean it’s built for the outdoors? Does it mean it’s only for workers in the field? Such questions cloud the rugged device industry.... Continued

Jan 23, 2019

GTS: Out of Control - First-of-its-kind Survey Reveals Four Out of Five Enterprises Have No Clue About Managing Workforce Mobile Device Batteries

by admin

A new research study and survey conducted by VDC Research reveals that only 20 percent of enterprises have visibility into the performance of mobile solutions used by their mobile workforce. The first-of-its-kind survey uncovers a critical flaw in mobile workforce productivity: a lack of battery management. ... Continued

Jan 08, 2019

2018 Speed Demon Top 10 Rugged Tablets (Rugged PC Review)

by admin

By and large, performance matters in computers as much as it does in vehicles and a lot of other machinery and items we use in our daily lives. Performance, of course, isn't everything. What it boils down to is getting as much performance as is needed. Or, depending on the application, perhaps a bit more than is needed, as long as there's still an acceptable balance between cost and performance. The Top 10 listings with gold, silver and bronze honors are as of the end of December 2018. As you'll see, Zebra/Xplore did extremely well in the test results.... Continued

Dec 19, 2018

Field Technologies: Embracing Modern Field Service - Special Issue

by admin

Navigate ever-increasing customer demands in an evolving service landscape. In 2018 field service has become more strategic. Born from the recognition that field service can be a profit center versus a cost center, companies have begun to realize that being more intentional about how they’re delivering field service can truly transform their business. Read this special guide.... Continued

Dec 11, 2018

Mobility for Business 2018 - Zebra / Xplore on the Tradeshow Floor

by admin

From the show floor at Mobility for Business 2018 in France see what Zebra / Xplore are offering. Learn more details about the new combined company and their rugged tablet products.... Continued

Dec 06, 2018

Supply Chain Times:  Zebra Technologies Rugged Tablets Receive New Network Certifications

by admin

The new Zebra® L10 Windows® tablet series is now certified for AT&T and Verizon Wireless’ cellular networks. In addition, the rugged Zebra XSLATE™ D10 Android™ tablet has received full certification with AT&T’s Enhanced Push-To-Talk (EPTT) service for near real-time voice communications, highly secure messaging, and location features required for workers to stay productive in the field. ... Continued

Nov 06, 2018

Modern Materials Handling: Service operations replace paper with visibility

by admin

Electronic work order system improves business economics and worker readiness during steady company growth. The new mobility solution enables fast, accurate data input and real-time information sharing that expedites work order processing and increases field technicians’ readiness and resource availability. The remote dispatch capabilities have improved resource utilization, and the work order dashboard shows work-in-process in real time.... Continued

Oct 11, 2018

Emergency Management: Battalion 3 Software Tracks Fire Personnel and Updates Incident Command

by admin

The tablet-based solution allows for greater accountability during a fire attack: Tracking personnel might never be as important as it is for incident commanders to track firefighters on fire attack. Knowing what fire personnel are present, who is on fire attack and for how long might mean the difference between life or death for someone. That’s the idea behind the Battalion 3 Technology (BATT3) digital Incident Command (ICx) and fire roster software using a Zebra rugged tablet to help incident commanders manage a fire scene. ... Continued

Sep 18, 2018

Infrastructure Magazine: Xplore introduces new rugged mobility platform

by admin

The new Xplore L10 lineup features the XSLATE L10 slate tablet PC, the XPAD L10 tablet PC with a hard handle and built-in barcode scanner option, and the XBOOK L10 2-in-1 laptop/tablet complete with a Companion Keyboard and KickStrap. Xplore is giving customers the opportunity to custom-configure a truly rugged mobility solution that will reliably work in the world’s harshest environments and within the strictest enterprise computing standards for several years to come.... Continued

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