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Oct 25, 2016 - In the News - XSLATE R12 Full Review

by admin

Xplore XSLATE R12: First rugged tablet to Intel's 7th gen "Kaby Lake," Xplore's sleek, lightweight 12.5-inch/full 1080p R12 tablet offers dual-mode input, blistering performance, and a wealth of accessories. With the XSLATE R12, Xplore Technologies offers a rugged, modern and highly configurable Windows tablet with very strong performance and a bright 12.5-inch capacitive multi-touch display large enough for comfortable use of complex applications... Continued

Oct 25, 2016 - Press Releases

Xplore Unveils the XSLATE R12 Next Generation Detachable Rugged Tablet PC

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Xplore today launched the XSLATE R12, a next generation detachable rugged tablet PC. Xplore incorporated specific customer feedback into its award-winning 12.5” rugged tablet design to deliver a categorically new mobility solution that is both powerful and reliable enough to be the primary computing device for public safety, manufacturing, utility, insurance, and construction industry professionals alike.... Continued

Oct 24, 2016 - Press Releases

Xplore Technologies Announces Preliminary Fiscal Second Quarter Results, Strong OpEx Reductions, Anticipates Profitable Second Half

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Xplore today reported preliminary results for its fiscal 2017 second quarter ended September 30, 2016. The company also updated its revenue outlook for Fiscal 2017 and stated that it anticipates second half profitability to drive approximately breakeven net income for the full year. The company will reports its full results on November 10. ... Continued

Oct 20, 2016 - In the News

RCR Wireless News: Reality Check - Why the rugged tablet market is outpacing consumer devices

by Mark Holleran

Mark Holleran (Xplore President and COO): When rugged tablets were first hitting the mass market in 1997, these applications were futuristic at best. The beauty of rugged tablets is their inherent ability to meet rigorous workforce demands that man has yet to dream up. From basic manufacturing operations to enabling soldiers in wars not yet fought to next-gen space exploration – rugged tablets will continue to be the primary, preferred choice for computing.... Continued

Oct 19, 2016 - Press Releases

Xplore Rugged Tablets Enable Mexico’s Leading Rail Operator to   Design, Mobilize Multi-Award Winning Smart Logistics System

by admin

Xplore today announced that Mexico’s top rail operator Ferrovalle is continuing to expand its use of Xplore F5m and R12 rugged tablet PCs as part of a growing project that started in 2010. Hundreds of the Xplore tablets are now being utilized by intermodal yard technicians, train operators, and crane operators as part of a sophisticated “zero distance” mobile computing solution that reaches across Ferrovalle’s terminal, intermodal facility and locomotives on all routes. ... Continued

Oct 12, 2016 - Press Releases

Xplore Technologies Mobilises Leading Western Australian Aged-Care Facility

by admin

Xplore today announced it has secured an order for its Motion by Xplore C5m rugged tablet computers from one of Western Australia’s leading aged–care providers, the Royal Australian Air Force Association (RAAFA). In addition to the C5m tablet platforms, RAAFA purchased Xplore desktop docking stations and other accessories to enhance productivity across its five aged-care facilities. ... Continued

Oct 04, 2016 - In the News

Logistics Business IT:  Businesses Swayed By False Economy Policies in Tablet Investments, Says PC Maker

by admin

Ian Davies, UK country manager for rugged tablet PC maker Xplore Technologies: "There is a delay in take-up of rugged, which certainly costs more but could well completely transform customer service standards, whether consumer-direct, or b2b. The issue is up-front cost. But the fact is that a consumer-based tablet can need replacing up to ten times in the same three-year deployment period a genuine rugged tablet suffers not one failure - and the consumer-based product ends up costing £100 a month when a rugged costs around £35 a month."... Continued

Oct 04, 2016 - Press Releases

Bristol Township Police Department Chooses Xplore Rugged Tablets to Replace Panasonic Toughbooks in Patrol Cars, Field

by admin

Xplore today announced that the Bristol Township Police Department in Pennsylvania has chosen to standardize on Xplore R12 rugged tablet PCs after nearly 15 years of cycling through fast failing notebooks and other mobile devices that proved unfit for public safety’s extreme daily operating environments. ... Continued

Sep 26, 2016 - Press Releases

Xplore Receives Additional $1.1 Million Ultra-Rugged Tablet Order as Part of Ongoing U.S. Military Project

by admin

Xplore today announced a $1.1 million follow-on order for customized XC6 M2 tablet computers. This order is the latest in a multi-year, multi- million-dollar mobility project begun with the United States military in 2012. With this most recent order, Xplore’s total revenue for this project stands at more than $10 million to date.... Continued

Sep 21, 2016 - Press Releases

Xplore Completes MobileIron Self Testing Program for XSLATE D10 Fully Rugged Tablet, Android™ MDM Compatibility

by admin

Xplore today announced that it has successfully completed the MobileIron Android™ Self Testing Program with its XSLATE D10 fully rugged tablet PC. The program is designed for manufacturers to verify whether their devices support the Google standard APIs, which are used by MobileIron to enable enterprise features such as password policies, encryption, and certificate management.... Continued

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