View Anywhere® Display

The View Anywhere display uses a proprietary optical enhancement process based on technology initially developed for high-end military aviation and marine applications.

The View Anywhere display adjusts quickly from your office or home work environment and accommodates a variety of outdoor work scenarios. This innovative solution was designed for mobile users that use Tablet PCs in bright light environments.

Compared with standard displays, the View Anywhere display technology enhances indoor viewing - while substantially improving outdoor viewing.

  • 10:1 reduction in unwanted reflection and glare
  • 15% improvement in “light pass-through” efficiency
  • 225% increase in sunlight contrast ratio over the standard display
  • Better view-ability at wide viewing angles

The View Anywhere display technology also retains the traditional feel of pen on paper that has become a hallmark of Xplore’s ink-enabled Tablet PCs, and the solution is also stronger, more durable and scratch resistant. Finally, Xplore accomplishes this solution without compromises, complexity or high cost.

Who should have the View Anywhere® display?

High Ambient Light Usage Scenarios

  • Ideal for inspectors, field engineers, surveyors, law enforcement personnel, military, construction superintendents, sports/coaches, customer service professionals, aviation/pilots, realtors and other highly mobile professionals.
  • Great for outdoor field use in conjunction with WWAN and GPS technology available in the industry .
  • Great for any user who uses a Tablet PC in bright indoor light, in automobiles or outdoors.

High Reflective Usage Scenarios

  • Better solution than conventional display technology for individuals working in a room with bright fluorescent lighting, such as in a large retail setting, hospital or classroom.
  • Medical professionals operating in bright artificial light.