Smart Card Option - C5-Series / F5-Series

At the request of many customers and partners, Xplore has added a smart card reader as an optional feature on the Motion C5-Series and the Motion F5-Series Tablet PCs. Security has become a priority for many companies and there is an ongoing need to find ways to protect assets from security attacks on corporate systems and confidential data. Smart card technology is often used in applications or environments which require strong security protection and authentication. Xplore brings that extra level of security protection to the C5-Series and F5-Series with the smart card reader option.

The optional smart card reader is available on Xplore's Motion C5-Series and Motion F5-Series Tablet PC product lines.

Key Features:

  • Smart Card security features:
    - Authentication
    - Secure data storage including biometric templates
    - Encryption up to FIPS140-2
  • ITG OMNIKEY® manufacturer
  • Transmission speed of 12Mbps (full 2.0 USB speed)
  • Highest reading performance rate on market today at 420K* baud
  • Supports Windows XP and Vista operating systems
  • GSA FIPS201 and CAC approved product list
  • Secure patient data per HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Homeland Security Presidential Directive – HSDP-12 Compliant
  • Fully CCID, ISO/IEC 7816, EMV 2000 Level 1 (Europay, MasterCard, Visa), and
    HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface) compliant

* Application has to support 420K baud rate. Average baud rate is 325K