Motion F5m by Xplore - Barcode Scanner

F5-Series Tablet PC Barcode Scanner

The optional integrated barcode scanner on the Motion F5m by Xplore provides users with a fast and convenient method to:

  • Quickly identify inventory, actions, cataloging, locations, etc.
  • Security confirmation
  • Track details of cargo or container
  • Immediately update depleted inventories
  • Line busting for ease of checkout
  • Payment collection: Contactless smart card credit cards can be read to accept direct payments at the point of purchase

Technology Definition

Barcode scanning is a convenient, low-cost data capture technology used in professional environments for identification of people and objects. There are 3 types of barcode scanning technologies: Area imaging, laser and linear.

Area imaging technology is ideal for close range barcode scanning applications or anywhere omni-directional and/or 2D imaging is needed. 2D barcodes are being used more often as they carry so much more data in a small space than traditional linear barcode. Area imagers can read almost anything without regard to orientation. Linear imagers work exceptionally well at medium to close range and excel at reading poor quality or masked barcodes. They are also superior at reading higher density barcodes which occur when the code is reduced in size, typically to conform to various types of small packages. (Source: Intermec)

Integration of the Technology

Xplore has integrated an optional 1D/2D barcode scanner that supports area imaging and linear scanning technologies. The F5m barcode scanner will read 1D and 2D barcodes.

Key Features
  • Provides omni-directional scanning
  • Typically faster than traditional 2D imagers
  • Unmatched movement tolerance

Barcode Illustrations

Barcode types.gif

Symbology Support

Enabled Symbologies
(Support is already installed on the C5 / F5 and the product can read these symbologies straight out of the box)
Configurable Symbologies
(The symbology will be able to be read after additional
software enablement)
AztecCode, Code128, EAN128, EAN.UCC.CC-AB, Code39, DataMatrix, UPC.A, UPC.E, EAN.8, EAN.13, Interleaved2of5, PDF417, MicroPDF417, RSS.14, RSS.Limited Codabar, Codablock.A, Codablock.F, EAN.UCC.CC-C, Code93, UPC.E1, EAN.ISBN, EAN.ISMN, EAN.ISSN, MSI, MaxiCode, PlesseyCode, QRCode, RSS.Expanded, TLC39, Straight2of5TwoBar, Telepen, Code11, AustralianPost, BPO, DutchPost, JapanPost, Planet, Postnet