Motion C5m Three-Year Warranty

The Motion C5m rugged tablet PC comes with a three-year limited warranty. Motion believes that the C5m can live up to the demands of mobile field professionals and therefore offers this long term warranty protection. There are extended warranty options for 4 and 5-year terms.

Additional Warranty Features

The warranty leads the industry in protection for durable PCs, covering damage from short drops (approx. 48 inches) or exposure to rain and dust.

The C5m has been tested to ensure it can withstand common field-test scenarios including:

  • Shock: Bumping unit against a hard surface while working.
  • Temperature: Typical operating conditions (indoor/outdoor) for example, product left in the trunk of a vehicle during the summer or winter.
  • Moisture: Working outdoors in light blowing rain. Rain moisture or possibly a liquid spill.
  • Dust: Dusty outdoor conditions. Covered with dirt or dust – the system is cleanable with Motion approved cleansers.