CL920 SlateMate with MSR and BCR


The Motion by Xplore® CL-Series SlateMate™ with Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) and Barcode Scanner (BCS) is the first in a family of integrated expansion modules designed to provide Xplore customers additional user functionality. With a first-of-its-kind tablet computing design framework, the CL920 is the only tablet PC with an integrated modular design that also maintains a high level of durability and peripheral compatibility. In combination with industry-leading technologies and integrated features, the CL-Series SlateMate sets a new standard for mobile computing – offering mobility, security, manageability and productivity.

The CL-Series SlateMate with MSR and BCS transforms the CL920 into a mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) and data acquisition tool. Securely integrated into the internal frame of the CL920, SlateMate offers extendibility, durability and productivity in a small, lightweight device. To offer seamless business integration, the CL-Series SlateMate runs on the Windows 8 or 7 OS.

For retailers, SlateMate’s integrated MagTek® MSR ensures easy deployments in point-of-sale (POS) environments while the commercial-grade BCS reads virtually any barcode for rapid inventory status and availability information. As SlateMate is designed as a seamless extension of the CL910, it offers the benefits of integrated tools without the need for third party devices.

CL-Series SlateMate with MSR and BCR benefits include:

  • Reduced abandon rates
  • Empowered store associates
  • Increased revenue per transaction
  • Improved inventory management

In combination with SlateMate, the CL920 provides business users with security, connectivity and flexibility. Whether completing a transaction, detailing an inspection or managing medication administration, the CL920 with SlateMate is the ideal solution for improving point-of-service productivity across the retail, field service and healthcare industries.

Benefits across vertical markets include:

  • Rapid data acquisition for improved documentation
  • Real-time access to customer and inventory availability
  • Improved customer service due to insight into up-to-date data from any location
  • Faster turnaround times through improved collaboration and connectivity

The first in what will be a family of integrated expansion options for the CL920 Tablet PC, the Motion CL-Series SlateMate with MSR and BCS is available only at the time of product purchase and is not sold separately.

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