C5/F5-Series EasyConnect RFID Long Range Reader

The EasyConnect RFID Long Range Reader is a mobile UHF RFID Reader solution designed specifically for Xplore’s C5-Series and F5-Series Tablet PCs. This solution delivers the mobility and productivity of a hand-held RFID Reader device with the flexibility and functionality of a powerful PC. With the 3G connectivity of our C5/F5 tablets, the RFID Long Range Reader allows you to scan in the remotest of locations.

Key Features:

  • Adds UHF RFID functionality to the C5/F5-Series Tablet PC
  • Green LED to indicate RF activity
  • Lightweight
  • No external power supply required
  • Two attachment options - clip or screw the RFID Reader to the tablet
  • User configurable button
  • API’s available for custom software development


  • Read range up to 3m (Tag Dependent)
  • Two frequencies ranges
    - 866.7MHz (Supports ISO 18000-6B, -6C)
    - 912-925MHz (Supports AEI, EPC Class 1 Gen 1, EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6B, -6C)
  • Compatible with C5/F5 Tablet PC’s
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +40°C (14°F to 104°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Device peak power consumption: 4w
  • RF max power: .05w




254mm x 97.5mm x 30mm


336 grams


1 year standard warranty