Rugged Mobile Moments: The Right Partners are as Valuable as the Right Rugged Tablet

What is a partner? While that definition can vary widely depending on the situation, a partner in business is typically someone who shares in some action or endeavor with another company with a certain level of shared risks and profits.

For Xplore, our partners are much more. They serve as our strength – advocates of our brand and proactive problem solvers . Like Xplore, they are creative, nimble and highly responsive. They are technology specialists and experts in both global industries and niche markets, and they’re helping us tear down barriers to customers’ complete business mobility. They are critical to our success, but even more important to our customers’. To us, they are not just “resellers.” That is why we frequently collaborate with our global partners to glean insights about our customers’ greatest challenges.

Xplore Partner Intelligence

We understand that there is a direct correlation between the success of our partners and the success of our customers – and Xplore. It’s important to consistently solicit the feedback of our partners – and hear the feedback they receive from customers – to remain strong in our ability to solve each customer’s individual challenges quickly.

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of spending three days with more than 30 Xplore partners from across the Americas. They provided exhaustive feedback about the ways we have successfully supported customers of all sizes across all vertical industries, and the continued need to connect the disparate dots between legacy systems and more modern business processes.

The Xplore leadership team presented a visionary product roadmap and solicited feedback on how our proposed path forward could be better defined to align with customers’ immediate needs and long-term goals. We brainstormed ways in which we, together, can better respond to the expected rise in data demands and unexpected impact of evolving business demands on mobile technology. In just a few short days, we gained a more complete understanding of how we can help customers move the needle toward a fully mobile workforce. We know how to work in a smarter and more expeditious way to serve these partners so they can, in turn, have the tools needed to serve their customer in a smarter and more expeditious way.

We know that it takes much more than the right rugged tablet technology to ensure the success or sustainability of our customers’ mobile solutions. We realize that, no matter their line of business, our customers will benefit as much – if not more – from having the right partner to provide strategic, long-term support for their mobility strategies and technology implementations.

That’s why we have to have the right partners by our side – and in the field – to help customers maximize their investment long term. Our partners serve as an extension of the Xplore team, spending one-on-one time with customers to help them determine the right rugged tablet features to leverage at the right time. They know how to match the right technology solution to each customer’s unique business requirements, and they have the expertise to maximize each technology solution’s unique strengths in a breadth of business environments.

That is why we value our partners as much as our customers do. By choosing the right partners to support Xplore’s vision, and helping customers choose the right Xplore partners to realize their vision, we will together be stronger than any challenge faced today or in the future.

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