Mobile Solution Simplifies, Improves and Expedites Compliance & Audits

MOTION PARTNER SPOTLIGHT - Mobile Solution Simplifies, Improves and Expedites OSHA and EPA Compliance & Mobile Audits

For companies like WasteStrategies LLC, success is dependent on OSHA and EPA compliance. Streamlining this process to ensure accuracy while promoting productivity and speed is key. Motion and its Platinum Partner, Mi-Co delivered a unique combination of workflow tools, content and service to help WasteStrategies launch a comprehensive, tablet-based, audit compliance solution. “The solution, called WS Audit Pro, based on Mi-Forms Data Capture technology, simplifies, improves, and expedites the compliance audit process. Whether through a peer group or self-audit - WS Audit Pro intuitively guides audit teams or individuals, room by room, through state-specific protocols for OSHA and EPA.

With a paper-like electronic format, WS Audit PRO leverages Mi-Forms data capture technology on Motion Computing tablets to:

  • Incorporate handwriting recognition
  • Integrate photo capture
  • Provide intelligent logic to simplify training
  • Reduce errors, and ensure thorough audits

“Using Mi-Forms and the Motion platform for our solution provided the offline and browser-based data collection foundation of WS Audit Pro. The fact that Mi-Forms offered proven database integration, supported robust workflow significantly reduced our development cycle – having photo capture and handwriting recognition as a native part of the same platform makes our product stable and easier to maintain long term. The support and assistance we received from the Mi-Co team was amazing and definitely contributed to our successful launch of WS Audit Pro.”

John Nicklin
Managing Member, WasteStrategies LLC