Managing Multiple Generations of Workers, Workflows with Rugged Tablets

As I often emphasize, worker acceptance and adoption of your mobile technologies can make or break their performance and your operational profitability. If workers choose to revert to pen and paper processes, you risk significant service delays and costly downtime. All of which hurts your organization, channel partners and customers. The same risks occur when workers wait until they're back in the office to submit updates or schedule customer actions. Both are preventable actions – if you have the right mobile workflows available to them on a mobile computer that they actually want to use in the field.

So we advocate for field technician involvement in every technology decision that impacts them. We tell you, our customers, to solicit worker feedback in the mobile solution design, evaluation and implementation processes. Then we encourage you to act quickly on their input. As your partner, we work with you to refine your solution as often as needed to ensure it is meeting your ROI expectations.

Mobile Workflows and Workers

But does it meet your workers’ expectations for available on-the-job technology? Do they even really care whether or not you give them an iPad or a rugged tablet, a laptop or a handheld? Not if the mobile computer you do give them works exactly how they expect it to work.

Thus the need to find a mobile computer that delivers easy-to-use mobile workflow software, uninterrupted access to back-office systems, and constant connectivity. Maybe there’s a single rugged tablet platform that’s right for all of your environment, is backwards-compatible and future proof, and well-equipped with the processing power, storage capacity, and data input tools to support all of their tasks in the office, vehicle, and field. Maybe you need to create a mixed-model environment.

No one said there was a straightforward, “right size” plug-and-play solution for your Goldilocks-like mobility dilemma. There are lots of different types of workers – and even more variety in your workflows – that must all be accommodated with a single cohesive mobility solution. (Notice I didn’t say single mobile computer.)

But there is a right approach to selecting and implementing a mobility solution that’s well suited for managing multiple generations of workers and your ever-evolving operational and customer demands.

Listen to this recent conversation I had with Intel’s Alan Rose to get a better understanding of the variables impacting your ability to meet workers’ mobile technology expectations – and customers’ service expectations – with a single well-designed and field-defined solution.

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Goldilocks and the Three Mobile Computers Which Would She Say is “Just Right” for Your Field Service Environment?
Part of Xplore’s “Rugged or Risky?” Webinar Series

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If you want the CliffsNotes version of the decisions you have to make, and when, to ensure you’re maximizing your mobility investment, read this recent blog post from Tom Kost:

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Blog Author: Bob Ashenbrenner
President of Durable Mobility Technologies, LLC.