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Mar 29, 2018

Mobile Workers Take Note of Tablets’ Handwriting Skills

by admin

​Did you know that cursive has been dropped from the Common Core Curriculum Standards shared by all U.S. states? Yet handwriting is still the fastest way to write in this digital – or should I say mobile computing – age. And, despite being the most efficient way to capture data in long or short form, cursive has been replaced by typing – at least in mandatory school lessons.... Continued

Aug 03, 2017

Mobile is Reaching a Crossover Point: Are You Ahead of, or Behind, the Curve?

by Bob Ashenbrenner

As things advance, whether it is products or techniques, there comes a “crossover point” where the reason to go with the new version is compelling enough to warrant fast adoption. Companies with highly mobile workforces – those in field service and industrial sectors particularly – are experiencing a “digitalization” crossover point related to the use of mobile devices.... Continued

Jul 25, 2017

Mobile PCs Can Put the Brakes on Distracted Driving

by Bob Ashenbrenner

As mobile technology advocates, utility industry leaders, and employers to millions of field workers on the roads every day, we must heed today’s strong call to action to remove mobile device distraction as best as we can. ... Continued

Jul 18, 2017

How Utilities Can Lockdown Mobile Security

by Bob Ashenbrenner

A breach of security will not result in your boss telling you “Nice try. It wasn’t really your fault. Here’s your bonus.” So utility IT professionals are under extreme pressure to identify the best technologies and perfect – and protect – their mobile strategy from day one.... Continued

Jul 11, 2017

Planning is Important, Reacting to Reality is Critical

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Today’s technicians deliver their value when they are in the field, and they need to have a truly mobile platform that allows them to simplify both planned and unplanned fieldwork, whether that work is an inspection, repair or maintenance workflow. Be willing to adapt your workflows as many times as it takes, and find devices, software and accessories that will support those workflow adaptations without requiring replacement every single time.... Continued

Jun 15, 2017

Using Mobility to Build Confidence in Your Service

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Service is a confidence-building exercise in the eyes of your customers, if executed well. For utilities, employees’ actions – or inactions – directly impact customers’ confidence in your organization and the services you provide. ... Continued

May 23, 2017

Continuity of “Care”: What Field Service is Missing without Mobility

by Bob Ashenbrenner

You don’t want to be “that guy” that refuses to embrace technology because it seems hard to justify the cost or too challenging to manage a mobile IT environment. You could literally lose customers, and money, over the misperception that mobility is more hassle than help. ... Continued

Feb 16, 2017

Rugged Tablet, Meet Satellite Radio (Because Sometimes You Really Need Your Computer + Comms to Work Anywhere and Everywhere)

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Thorium X, the field industry’s first-in-class satellite communications rugged tablet, is a convergence of the best-in-class technologies covering the entirety of the extreme communications spectrum. It merges the Xplore D10 rugged Android tablet (as the core, no-compromise computing platform) with the Iridium satellite network (comprised of 66 satellites orbiting Earth).... Continued

Sep 09, 2016

Managing Multiple Generations of Workers, Workflows with Rugged Tablets

by Bob Ashenbrenner

There are lots of different types of workers – and even more variety in your workflows – that must all be accommodated with a single cohesive mobility solution. We advocate for field technician involvement in every technology decision that impacts them. Solicit worker feedback in the mobile solution design, evaluation and implementation processes. ... Continued

Sep 02, 2016

Which Piece Comes First in the Complex Mobility Puzzle…The Chicken or the Egg? (i.e. The Rugged Tablet or Accessories?)

by Tom Kost

Successfully introducing a highly functioning mobility solution across multiple working locations is never as simple as picking the right rugged tablet alone. You need to consider both the tablet and the accessory ecosystem. The fact is that you can't buy one without the other. They are a system and both are equally important to the successful application of your entire mobile solution. Accessories should never be an afterthought.... Continued

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