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Mar 29, 2018

Mobile Workers Take Note of Tablets’ Handwriting Skills

by admin

​Did you know that cursive has been dropped from the Common Core Curriculum Standards shared by all U.S. states? Yet handwriting is still the fastest way to write in this digital – or should I say mobile computing – age. And, despite being the most efficient way to capture data in long or short form, cursive has been replaced by typing – at least in mandatory school lessons.... Continued

Dec 20, 2017

Why the “Normalization of Risk” Can Put Your Organization, and Mobile Workers, at Risk

by Bob Ashenbrenner

The normalization of risk has led many organizations to make risky mobile technology decisions that has ultimately cost them more in losses (time, money, customers) than what they ever stood to gain.... Continued

Sep 09, 2016

Managing Multiple Generations of Workers, Workflows with Rugged Tablets

by Bob Ashenbrenner

There are lots of different types of workers – and even more variety in your workflows – that must all be accommodated with a single cohesive mobility solution. We advocate for field technician involvement in every technology decision that impacts them. Solicit worker feedback in the mobile solution design, evaluation and implementation processes. ... Continued

Sep 02, 2016

Which Piece Comes First in the Complex Mobility Puzzle…The Chicken or the Egg? (i.e. The Rugged Tablet or Accessories?)

by Tom Kost

Successfully introducing a highly functioning mobility solution across multiple working locations is never as simple as picking the right rugged tablet alone. You need to consider both the tablet and the accessory ecosystem. The fact is that you can't buy one without the other. They are a system and both are equally important to the successful application of your entire mobile solution. Accessories should never be an afterthought.... Continued

Aug 23, 2016

Xplore Rugged Tablets: The Past 20 Years, the Present, the Future

by Mark Holleran

Despite the changing technology landscape and economic climate over the last 20 years, the best mobile computing technology has always proven to be the rugged tablet. That’s why Xplore has always been hyper-focused on rugged tablet solutions, remaining at the forefront of the rugged tablet market since our first tablet was manufactured in 1996. ... Continued

Aug 18, 2016

The Mounting Debate: Do You Buy Accessories to Fit the Rugged Tablet, or Vice Versa?

by Tom Kost

Some may say the inclination to select a rugged tablet first – and then hope you can find the right mounting design to support it in your forklift or patrol car – is all wrong. That it’s more logical to think about the accessories needed to support your workflows first...and then decide which mobile computers should be shortlisted. ... Continued

Aug 11, 2016

Goldilocks & the Three (Rugged) Mobile Computers: Which Would She Say is Just Right?

by Bob Ashenbrenner

What if she was a utility field technician, a miner, or an oil refinery engineer? What if she was looking for a mobile computer that had the “right size” screen for the software and workflows? What if she needed to conduct more thorough inspections, expedite equipment installations with improved accuracy, or make more well-informed decisions about process adjustments based on actual measurements versus historical trends? ... Continued

Aug 04, 2016

6 Things a Solutions Provider Can Make a Rugged Tablet Do for You (That No One Else Really Can)

by Bob Ashenbrenner

True solutions providers will put “feet on the street” to work with you during the testing/evaluation, buying, deployment and post-deployment stages to ensure your rugged tablets – and every other one of your mobile solution components – actually do what they’re supposed to do. See six things your rugged tablet investment can do for you with a solution provider's help.... Continued

Jul 29, 2016

Business Mobility: This is One Puzzle You Need a Solutions Provider to Put Together for You

by Bob Ashenbrenner

While spontaneity and a “let’s see what happens” attitude may lead to some great stories if you’re in Las Vegas, they are certainly not best practices in the mobile world. A thought-out and planned mobile technology rollout is far more likely to be successful. ... Continued

Jul 20, 2016

Proving the Business Case for Mobile Solutions: Use Real Rugged Tablets, Not Tablets in “Rugged” Cases

by Bob Ashenbrenner

It’s nearly impossible to build a business case for the rugged tablet PC form factor when all you do is slap a “rugged” case on a consumer or commercial-grade tablet that’s never been intended for that environment, and try to “plug and play” the device with existing business systems. When buying real rugged mobile technology, it is best to work with a truly strategic systems integrator – that will architect complete mobility solutions and optimize the entire solution with you long after the sale is complete.... Continued

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