Jun 27, 2017

Wheels, Watson, and the Wide World of Mobility ROI

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Thanks to the mobile technologies now at their disposal, utilities are ideally positioned to improve their bottom line in the lucrative commercial sector.... Continued

Jun 22, 2017

4 Out of 4 Analysts Agree – Mobile Tech is Big and Growing

by Bob Ashenbrenner

CEOs and other executives finally see the ROI advantage of mobile technology and, therefore, the analysts are seeing greater use of mobile technology in field service organizations. Four out of four analyst firms agree that there is little resistance to the belief that more mobility tools are needed.... Continued

Jun 20, 2017

What Looks Right on Paper May Not Translate into a Win

by Bob Ashenbrenner

When evaluating, upgrading and deploying any type of mobility solution, the device’s ability to deal with the elements, the reliability of network connectivity, and the capabilities to run your software all factor into which framework is “right” for the race you’re running. ... Continued

Jun 15, 2017

Using Mobility to Build Confidence in Your Service

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Service is a confidence-building exercise in the eyes of your customers, if executed well. For utilities, employees’ actions – or inactions – directly impact customers’ confidence in your organization and the services you provide. ... Continued

Jun 13, 2017

How to Run (Not Rush) the Race: The Playbook for a Winning Supply Chain Mobility Strategy

by Bob Ashenbrenner

The secret of sustainable success for you and all your supply chain stakeholders is a planned, and incremental, rollout of mobile technologies that solve problems in innovative ways. View Xplore's Playbook on how to formulate the best-fitting mobility solution for your manufacturing environment – without falling into the Industry 4.0 tech trap. ... Continued

Jun 08, 2017

Why We Don’t Fear Customization Requests: The Making of the World’s Most Rugged Tablets

by Todd McCracken

What distinguishes Xplore from our competitors is that we are open to customization for our customers. We won’t try to shoehorn in the wrong tablet if it isn’t a perfect fit for your needs. Xplore’s engineering leaders are deeply integrated with our sales, marketing and support teams to fully understand your demands for a truly rugged product. ... Continued

Jun 06, 2017

Do Not Get Caught Off-Guard, or Offline: Have a (Battery) Back-Up Plan

by John Graff

The truth is batteries are consumables. In general, lithium ion batteries are good for 300 charge cycles. This means the device using the battery will, or should, outlive the life of the battery. Not replacing batteries on a regular basis actually reduces the performance of the device, and exposes the device and user to potential harm.... Continued

Jun 01, 2017

How to Ask Your Sales Rep the Tough Questions about Rugged Mobile Devices

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Sooner or later, you’ll be in one of your conference rooms with a sales person touting a mobile device they swear will be perfect for your business needs. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet or notebook PC, what you need to know is if it is rugged enough to survive the ropes with your field technicians. ... Continued

May 30, 2017

Just in Case You Hadn’t Heard, These “Cases” Aren’t Cutting It: Why Many Companies are Dropping Apple for Android

by Mark Holleran

Even the most “rugged” tablet and handheld cases leave your valuable device vulnerable to internal damage from drops, bumps, vibrations and extreme temperatures, among other hazards. That’s why consumer devices, including all Apple products and most Android products, are non-starters for use in field service environments. ... Continued

May 23, 2017

Continuity of “Care”: What Field Service is Missing without Mobility

by Bob Ashenbrenner

You don’t want to be “that guy” that refuses to embrace technology because it seems hard to justify the cost or too challenging to manage a mobile IT environment. You could literally lose customers, and money, over the misperception that mobility is more hassle than help. ... Continued

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