Apr 12, 2018

Rugged Tablet Deployments are Just the First Step Towards Smart Mobility

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Find a rugged tablet manufacturer willing to partner with you long past the initial sales cycle. A partner will help you understand how best to capitalize on the physical strength and internal power of these field-ready mobile computers. And they’ll work with you to identify custom software and service options that refine the rugged tablet’s skill set to your real-time business requirements.... Continued

Mar 29, 2018

Mobile Workers Take Note of Tablets’ Handwriting Skills

by admin

​Did you know that cursive has been dropped from the Common Core Curriculum Standards shared by all U.S. states? Yet handwriting is still the fastest way to write in this digital – or should I say mobile computing – age. And, despite being the most efficient way to capture data in long or short form, cursive has been replaced by typing – at least in mandatory school lessons.... Continued

Mar 15, 2018

Wish Your Field Techs Had More “Wrench Time”? Give them Better Mobile Tech Tools

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Did you know that nearly half of the field service technicians claim “paperwork and administrative tasks” are the worst part of their day? But Studies clearly indicate that it’s not enough to digitize some forms if you’re striving for greater technician productivity and workflow efficiency.... Continued

Feb 23, 2018

5 Ways to Tell if Your “Rugged” Tablet, Laptop or Handheld is a Knock-Off

by Tom Kost

You can’t compare the price of a mobile device that’s engineered to be rugged to the core to a device that claims to offer equal protection via the addition of a Gorilla Glass screen, a “ruggedized body” or external rubber casing. Yet, there are dozens of companies offering what they call “rugged”, and hope that those 6 letters will win the sale.... Continued

Feb 08, 2018

Is the Business Market Finally Folding on Laptops?

by John Graff

What the Next-Generation of Mobile Computing Means to You (and Xplore): Traditional laptops are no longer the “one” computer that can go anywhere – or that professionals really want to lug around everywhere. This is driving OEMs to increasingly invest in 2-in-1 tablet designs that can serve as laptop replacements.... Continued

Jan 24, 2018

Crash Test Comparison: What Cars and Mobile Computers Have in Common

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Tablets, laptops and handhelds are dropped every day, and each time they are subjected to over 300 to 425 Gs. The difference between these mobile computers and cars in such “crash tests” is that the mobile devices survive, if designed to be rugged.... Continued

Jan 09, 2018

Weighing Your Options: The Mobile versus Portable Scale

by Bob Ashenbrenner

The words “portable” and “mobile” have been used interchangeably for years to talk about how easy it is to move a computer from one workspace to another. A lot of ambiguity still remains in the proper use of these terms – especially when it comes to distinguishing between “portable” and “mobile” computing and communications technologies.... Continued

Dec 20, 2017

Why the “Normalization of Risk” Can Put Your Organization, and Mobile Workers, at Risk

by Bob Ashenbrenner

The normalization of risk has led many organizations to make risky mobile technology decisions that has ultimately cost them more in losses (time, money, customers) than what they ever stood to gain.... Continued

Dec 12, 2017

A Time for Gratitude: Reflecting on “The Year of Rugged Rewards”

by John Graff

For Xplore, 2017 has been a year of many achievements, including industry awards, product innovations, and more. However, the biggest reward for us is seeing the impact we have for our customers. ... Continued

Nov 30, 2017

Meet the Team Behind Xplore Rugged Tablets: Dave Reber, Senior Mechanical Engineer

by admin

For the last nine years, Dave Reber has been responsible for the design, testing and refinement of every last mechanical component incorporated into Xplore’s many award-winning rugged tablets and accessories. That’s no small job for any team. Yet, this one man has made a very big impact on the performance, reliability and overall flexibility of our 2 in 1 tablet designs. ... Continued

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