Nov 15, 2016

Rugged Mobile Moments: 3 Cool Ways that Rugged Tablets Are Pioneering New Frontiers Today

by Debbie Russo

Rugged Tablets are being used to produce, maintain, and fly airplanes; manufacture some of the world’s highest quality automobiles; guide and protect military forces and public safety professionals in the line of duty; mine and refine the Earth’s most precious resources; build and maintain our nations’ most critical infrastructure; and cultivate a highly-connected, highly productive workforce that is empowered to make their mark on the world, no matter their job. But these examples are just the beginning.... Continued

Nov 10, 2016

When “Rugged” Protection Alone Isn’t Enough to Safeguard Your Oil & Gas Ops: 3 Ways to Confirm Your Mobile Computer’s True Safety, Security, or Performance Capacity

by Kirk Meyer

Bottom line, the oil & gas market has a lot to gain by investing in field-proven mobile computing platforms that have the capacity to seamlessly interface with highly complex networks of software and machinery – and therefore connect energy workers with the real-time data necessary to take fully-informed actions. There are three sets of requisite questions that should always be integrated into your technology evaluation process, no matter the type of device you’re considering and they involve safety, security, and sustainable performance.... Continued

Nov 01, 2016

5 Reasons Why Fire and Rescue Departments are Replacing Panasonic Toughbooks with Tablets

by Tom LaHoda

Here are five reasons why the rugged tablet is the one mobile PC platform that’s been able to save fire and rescue departments from operational failures when the stakes are high, especially as notebooks and other mobile devices increasingly fall short. ... Continued

Oct 24, 2016

Meet the Sleek New “Detachable Evolved” Rugged Tablet That Meets Your Current Mobility Demands and Will Appeal to the Masses for Years to Come

by Cliff Adams

An IDC study recently indicated that widespread interest in detachable tablets was increasing, primarily due to their productivity-centric design and the fact that they can easily transform into a notebook or desktop replacement. Meet the Xplore XSLATE R12, a categorically new rugged tablet PC that elevates the notion of a “detachable” or “2 in 1” to a new standard and redefines what a rugged computing platform can – and should – be.... Continued

Oct 18, 2016

How a Niche Market Need for Tablets 20 Years Ago Has Evolved into Mass Market Demand Today

by Chris Maxwell

Our team is often asked by investors, customers, media, analysts, and other tech enthusiasts about why Xplore chose to focus exclusively on rugged tablets 20 years ago – and why we’ve stayed true to that form factor ever since. ... Continued

Oct 11, 2016

What Military Healthcare Stands to Gain from Rugged Mobility

by Brett Gross

Many military healthcare providers such as the Royal Australian Air Force Association (RAAFA) are recognizing that consumer-grade devices are incapable of delivering the quality clinical care these troops deserve – even long after retirement. Consumer devices are just too fragile to survive the frequent drops, fluid contaminants, mandatory decontamination processes, and overall harsh handling by healthcare workers who are focused on patient care.
... Continued

Sep 30, 2016

With Android for Work, Your Rugged Tablets Will Work Better for You

by Ron Harter

Sending workers into the field with a rugged tablet that’s running stock Android OS isn’t going to protect your data – or even that device – like you expect. On the flip side, a rugged tablet that’s been tested and certified to work perfectly within the Android for Work™ environment will give you an even greater return on investment than you expected. ... Continued

Sep 23, 2016

The Creation of a Global Channel, a Lasting Connection with Global Customers

by Debbie Russo

Our global channel partners are not only technology experts, but experts on their local economic and business cultures who clearly understand how Xplore rugged tablets need to interface with each customer’s technology infrastructure, integrate with existing business practices and be applied to overcome individual challenges. ... Continued

Sep 09, 2016

Managing Multiple Generations of Workers, Workflows with Rugged Tablets

by Bob Ashenbrenner

There are lots of different types of workers – and even more variety in your workflows – that must all be accommodated with a single cohesive mobility solution. We advocate for field technician involvement in every technology decision that impacts them. Solicit worker feedback in the mobile solution design, evaluation and implementation processes. ... Continued

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