Jan 10, 2017

Big Data, in All the Right Places

by Bob Ashenbrenner

Simply put, “Big Data” refers to the huge data sets that can be collected today. With mass computerization of so many aspects of our personal and professional lives, vast amounts of data can be collected and analyzed to the benefit of nearly every company.... Continued

Jan 05, 2017

To Be a Top Performer, Invest in Top Performing Mobile Tech

by Debbie Russo

Investing in the best mobile computing technology your money will buy is the best advice we can give you, regardless of your professional resolutions this year or the broader organizational goals your team is striving to attain in the next 3-5 years. ... Continued

Dec 29, 2016

8 Ways Rugged Mobility Will Change – or Be Changed By – Global Industry, Government in 2017 Part II

by Debbie Russo

Last week I shared our team’s predictions for how government changes will influence changes in mobile technology spending in 2017. Here are 4 more ways that we predict rugged mobility solutions will change the way some of the largest global industries conduct business (for the better) in 2017.... Continued

Dec 21, 2016

8 Ways Rugged Mobility Will Change – or Be Changed By – Global Industry, Government in 2017 Part I

by Debbie Russo

We believe that mobility investments in nearly every industry worldwide will be mutually influenced by the actions of new government leaders and an evolution in customer expectations given the rise of today’s “on-demand” culture. ... Continued

Dec 13, 2016

Why More Companies are Reaching for Rugged Tablets, and Not Necessarily the Cloud

by Tom Kost

Data inaccessibility is inconvenient, but a complete disconnect between the mobile computing device and cloud-based workflow automation systems can be downright disruptive. To keep workers and workflows moving no matter what - mobilize them with fully functioning rugged tablet computers that have the technological capacity to reliably facilitate both wired and wireless connections, as well as cloud-based and platform-based/device-driven workflow software, regardless of job location or type. ... Continued

Dec 05, 2016

A Tool Made for the Modern Factory – and for the People Who Support It

by Bob Ashenbrenner

VDC Research learned in speaking with manufacturers; more than 85% now believe mobile solutions are more important than they were a year ago. Mobile devices that are connected to the factory’s backbone could allow for manuals to be quickly retrieved, data read from the machines to be stored and analyzed, and tickets to be opened and closed. ... Continued

Nov 29, 2016

Industry 4.0: The Making of the Mobile Information Worker

by Bob Ashenbrenner

In effect, we’re seeing a rise in “information workers” who are making better-informed decisions and taking more meaningful actions to improve the quality and efficiency of increasingly specialized manufacturing operations. The only way to truly support mobile information workers without hindering their productivity potential in any way is to equip them with rugged tablets.... Continued

Nov 15, 2016

Rugged Mobile Moments: 3 Cool Ways that Rugged Tablets Are Pioneering New Frontiers Today

by Debbie Russo

Rugged Tablets are being used to produce, maintain, and fly airplanes; manufacture some of the world’s highest quality automobiles; guide and protect military forces and public safety professionals in the line of duty; mine and refine the Earth’s most precious resources; build and maintain our nations’ most critical infrastructure; and cultivate a highly-connected, highly productive workforce that is empowered to make their mark on the world, no matter their job. But these examples are just the beginning.... Continued

Nov 10, 2016

When “Rugged” Protection Alone Isn’t Enough to Safeguard Your Oil & Gas Ops: 3 Ways to Confirm Your Mobile Computer’s True Safety, Security, or Performance Capacity

by Kirk Meyer

Bottom line, the oil & gas market has a lot to gain by investing in field-proven mobile computing platforms that have the capacity to seamlessly interface with highly complex networks of software and machinery – and therefore connect energy workers with the real-time data necessary to take fully-informed actions. There are three sets of requisite questions that should always be integrated into your technology evaluation process, no matter the type of device you’re considering and they involve safety, security, and sustainable performance.... Continued

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