xCapture Pro Camera Software

Xplore xCapture Pro Camera Software is easy to use and offers a rich set of features:

  • Geotagging to generate images with stamped GPS coordinates
  • Barcode scanning capabilities for those quick inventory lookup and management projects
  • Image editing, ink annotations
  • Save and share (email, Internet upload) function for quick turnaround
  • Simple image organization and gallery settings
  • Multi-language capability for global use
  • Included with all Xplore tablet PCs with Windows OS for added customer value

Mobile workers quickly increase the quality of images through xCapture Pro’s photo editing and ink feature for adding notes on images during a site visit, field inspection or service call.

Quickly obtain GPS coordinates of an image location or document a service call by taking a photo with the tablet PC’s integrated camera, which registers a GPS coordinate and date/time stamped image onto the photo that can be instantly mapped and shared by email or uploaded via the Internet.

xCapture Pro also enhances mobile workers’ productivity with the camera function that includes a barcode scanning mode for reading informational barcodes or quick asset management scans. xCapture Pro camera software deliver customers more value in each Xplore rugged tablet PC as it ships with the product or can be downloaded for use (Windows OS only).

xCapture Pro camera software enables camera-based barcode scanning
xCapture Pro camera software enables camera-based barcode scanning.

Geotagged images capture GPS location data and time/date stamp images.