Mounting Hardware & Accessories

Mounting Hardware & Accessories

Mounting Hardware & Accessories - Vehicle Parts

Xplore xDock systems are designed to mount in a wide variety of use cases and provide ultimate flexibility. Industry standard mount points support reliable and safe mechanical connection to a breadth of third party mounting hardware. In addition, the Xplore xDock systems can often be retrofitted to existing in-vehicle mounting hardware, providing a cost-effective and expedited upgrade path.

Xplore also provides a range of supporting power conditioning, charging, and timer accessories.

Key Benefits:

  • Mounting hardware and supporting accessory examples:
    • Vehicle pole mounts & bases
      • Multi length pole assemblies
    • Swivel mounts
    • Console mounts
    • Truck mounts
    • In-Dash mounts
    • Keyboard mounts
    • Power distribution
    • DC power supplies
    • Timers and surge protectors
    • Printer and special mounts