Mounting Bracket for 12V or 24V DC/DC Adapters by Lind

The Motion Mounting Bracket is designed to securely mount Motion’s 12V or 24V DC/DC adapters in a wide variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, and boats. The Convenient integrated cable tie-down design prevents accidental disconnection of both the input and output cables. Manufactured from steel and finished in a durable textured powder-coat, the mounting bracket ships with fasteners suitable for installation to a wide range of surface types.

Note: This bracket only works with 12V or 24V DC/DC adapters (601.530.04 & 601.532.01). This bracket DOES NOT work with 48V DC adapter for forklift or 12V Auto/Air AC/DC Adapter. 




162mm x 83mm x 34mm


140 grams