L10 KickStrap

L10 Platform KickStrap kickstand and rotating handstrap

L10 Rugged Tablet KickStrap kickstand and rotating hand strap
KickStrap stand and carrying handstrap

This combined Kickstand and Rotating Hand Strap provides working comfort for all Xplore L10 rugged tablet models in the field and at a desk. The integrated Kickstand closes tightly when workers are on the move, enabling access to the Rotating Hand Strap, which can be adjusted for hand size as well as unique rotation angle.

Key Features:


  • The rigid design provides great ergonomics for reading and touch screen interactions while the tablet is on flat surfaces or while the Companion Keyboard is attached.
  • Thickness increase 0.9 in (2.3 cm)
  • Weight 0.55 lb (0.25 kg)
  • Display angle: User adjustable


  • Easy to use while walking
  • Adjustable to hand size 
  • Detents help lock desired rotation angle 
  • Great for Distribution, Transportation

Compatible with Companion Keyboard, Top Handle, Option modules (RFID, Smart Card Reader / CAC) 

Not Compatible with extended battery option, Kickstand 

90-day warranty