L10 Extended Life Battery: 98Whr

L10 Extended Life Battery

L10 with Extended Battery, Kickstand and Bracket
L10 Extended Battery

The Extended Life Battery is ideal for workers who are in the field for long periods of time, or for rugged tablets utilized around-the-clock for shift work. It powers L10 rugged tablets up to 27 hours on a single charge. This battery pack attaches to the tablet using the battery bracket kickstand.

Key Features:

  • Large 98 Whr Lithium-ion battery keeps tablet powered for up to 27 hours (Mobilemark 14)
  • External LED indicates approximate remaining battery life
  • Hot swappable


  • Requires battery bracket kickstand
  • Dimensions contained within kickstand; kickstand increases thickness increase 0.78 in (0.2cm)
  • 1-year warranty