J-Series & CL-Series Carry Kit

The J-Series & CL-Series Carry Kit offers users who do not require a full carrying case a comfortable and convenient way to carry your J-Series or CL-Series Tablet PC. The Carry Kit includes a handle, shoulder strap and J-Series and CL-Series attachment posts. Users can securely attach either the shoulder strap or the handle directly to any CL-Series or J-Series Tablet PC.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Carrying handle with rubberized hand grip
  • Includes posts and screws for strap attach points (two posts/screws for J-Series and two posts/screws for CL-Series)
  • Compatible with desktop docking stations for both CL-Series and J-Series
Carry Kit


Shoulder Strap:
Color: Black
Dimensions: 38 1/4" to 52" long
Weight: .02 oz
Carry Kit

Carry Kit contents