C5/F5 ClipCarry

The ClipCarry is an ergonomic carrying solution designed specifically for the C5-Series and F5-Series Tablet PCs. The ClipCarry clasps securely onto the back of the tablet to provide alternate methods for carrying and holding the device. It includes a comfortable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying throughout the workday in addition to a hand strap that provides an ergonomic and comfortable method of holding the tablet while writing on or interfacing with the display. This product was designed with workflow in mind and will easily fit into the standard Docking Station.

Key Features:

  • Adds carrying flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Designed specifically for the Motion C5/F5-Series Tablet PC
  • Adjustable Handstrap
  • Ergonomically designed

Color: Black

Dimensions: 177.8mm x 76.2mm x6.35mm ( 7˝ L x 3˝ H x .25˝ W)

Weight: 28g (1 oz)