Additional Digitizer Pen - R12

Designed to fit in the pen barn of the R12-Series tablet, the Digitizer Pen provides precision and comfort to write and annotate on your R12 tablet. Write on your tablet PC with the ease of standard paper and pencil by using the digitizer pen. Don't find yourself without your pen - order an additional one and take with you. 

Key Features: 

  • Write and annotate with precision and comfort
  • Fits in the pen barn of the R12-Series tablet
  • The angular design on one-side of the pen prevents pen from rolling off flat surface
  • One recessed programmable button for optimal flexibility
  • Tips are replaceable and are provided so you have an extra tip in the event one becomes damaged.

Compatibility: M1200, M1300, M1400, J-Series, F5/C5-Series, LE-Series, LS800
Note: It only fits in R12-Series pen barn. 

Color: Black

Warranty: 90 days