Infineon TPM Security Advisory

Potential Security Impact

A security vulnerability has been identified which affects the RSA key generation in some Infineon® developed Trusted Platform Modules (TPM). Any application that uses RSA keys that were generated using the Infineon® TPM should be considered insecure. Only RSA keys generated by the TPM contain the vulnerability. Not all Xplore products are affected, check the list below to see if your tablet is affected.

Xplore is working closely with Infineon® to validate fixes for each affected TPM model. Once these fixes have been tested and confirmed to work on affected tablets, firmware releases will be available on this page.

Affected platforms and patches :

These models are not affected :

  • XC6
  • XSLATE D10
  • F5m / C5m
  • CL920
  • All older legacy products

For general guidance of this security issue, please see this announcement from Infineon and Microsoft :

Infineon TPM Issue Support >
Microsoft TPM Issue Support >

Last updated:
Origin Source of Information: Infineon
Severity: Varies; None to High depending on TPM usage