Rugged Mobile PCs with Top Military Drop Test Standards

XC6 Rugged Tablet undergoing MIL-STD-810G Drop Testing play

Consumer smartphones, supposedly-tough tablets and rugged laptops drop out of your workers' hands every single day. Maybe even your own. But do you know how many actually survive the impact of those drops? We can't speak for others. However, after hours of dropping each rugged tablet in Xplore's tough mobile PC lineup to MIL-STD-810G standards, we can confidently say that each is a drop-resistant tablet that can operate after a fall onto plywood over concrete from at least 4 feet (1.2 meter). Some Xplore ultra-rugged tablets even operate after a drop from 7 feet (2.1 meter).

Xplore MIL-STD-810G Drop-Tested & Drop-Resistant Tablets

Consumer tablets can't withstand the impact of falls or accidental drops that are a risk in the field. Even if the screen stays intact, that doesn't mean the interior components are drop resistant, especially by military 810G standards. That's why Xplore drop tests each of its ruggedized tablet PCs during the research and engineering phases using MIL-STD-810G drop test standards. That’s a total of 26 drops on all faces, edges, and corners of the tablet.

  • Each of Xplore's rugged, drop-resistant tablets are directly dropped onto multiple surfaces, such as plywood and concrete, from multiple heights typically ranging from 4 feet to 7 feet.
  • We power on each drop-resistant mobile computer for the tests to measure system functionality during the MIL-STD-810G drop tests.
  • We identify and address any hardware weakness that could be sustained during a real-life drop on the tough tablet's face or corners.

When choosing an Xplore drop-resistant tablet, you can be confident that neither your rugged mobile computer, nor your most critical mobile workflows, will fail as a result of the accidental bumps, bruises and drops that occur during rough handling, transportation, and everyday use. Thanks to Xplore's meticulously MIL-STD-810G drop-tested tablets, gone are the days where you suffer downtime or loss of productivity due to the frequent replacement and repair of other more fragile laptop or tablet computers. Now mobile workers in any industrial sector can have Xplore military-grade rugged tablets built to withstand drops in the field.