Rugged Computing with IP65 Rated Mobile Computers

IP65 Testing the Bobcat Rugged Tablet PC - Spraying Down with High Pressure Water Hose play

Xplore IP65 rugged tablets will protect your mobile data even when your mobile workers can't be protected against the extreme dust and water exposures typical to field service sectors. Whether you need a tough mobile computer with water resistant sealed ports or top protection against dust ingress, Xplore IP65 rugged tablets deliver.

Xplore Tablets with IP65 Rating

When your mobile workers are likely to be covered in dust, your mobile data also needs the complete dust protection of IP65 rugged tablets. Whether you're kicking up dust crossing the desert, digging in a mine or just caught outside on a windy day, Xplore's IP65-rated tough tablet PCs offer complete dust protection against contact and ingress. Xplore's extensive IP65 testing methods also ensure that a little water pressure won't stress its most rugged tablets - or interrupt work being conducted on your most connected mobile computers. Xplore IP65 rugged tablets are built to withstand the impact of low pressure water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) from any direction for at least 15 minutes. That means, whether you are caught in the rain while inspecting a remote pipeline, delivering a shipment, or trying to test the quality of a residential customer's Internet service from their outside box, your IP65 rugged tablet PC offers more than enough water protection to complete the job without delay.