Peoples Natural Gas - Tablet-Based Solution Tackles Inefficiencies

Utility companies manage thousands of assets that are geographically dispersed and exposed to the harshest of elements. All of these assets have to be periodically inspected to ensure that they can provide reliable service, and that inspection process requires a massive data collection effort repeated on a varying schedule, depending on the type of asset. What the company needed to mobilize these activities was a rugged tablet that could withstand the often harsh conditions the technicians work in, provide enough processing power to meet the company’s needs, and run multiple Windows-based applications.

“We compared it to other tablets on the market, and what sold us on Xplore and Motion was, first and foremost, that it could handle the software we were running in terms of processor speed and memory,” says Paul Pachuta, IT analyst at Peoples Natural Gas. “It also had the most user friendly form factor.”