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Graphium Health Press Release:  Fierce Innovation Awards 2014 Finalist

Fierce Innovation Awards:Healthcare Edition Program Announces Finalists, Graphium Health™ Recognized

Plano, Texas 11/17/2014 - Graphium Health™ announced today that is has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards:Healthcare Edition, an awards program from the publisher of FierceHealthIT, FierceHealthcare, and FierceMobileHealthcare.Graphium Health™ was recognized as a finalist in the category of EHRs.

Graphium Health™ was selected as a finalist for its innovative, industry leading product, AnesthesiaEMR™.

Finalists were selected by a distinguished panel of CIOs from renowned U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems, including Allina Health, Rush University Medical Center, Mayo Clinic and JFK Health System.

The Fierce Innovation Awards recognize pioneering technologies and solutions that will catapult healthcare delivery into new realms.“Our finalists represent the exciting innovation happening in the healthcare industry today,” said Wendy Johnson, FierceMarkets’ healthcare group publisher. “These companies have developed game-changing technologies and solutions that can improve safety, efficiency and patient outcomes.”

All applications were evaluated based on the following criteria:quality of care and patient outcomes, care efficiency, financial impact, market validation and overall innovative “fierceness.” Finalists were selected based on calculation of the judges’ scores in each area.

“Finally, an EMR designed to make me the best I can be.”

Based on Motion Computing’s C5v Windows® Tablet PC, AnesthesiaEMR™ makes point-of-care, mobile data entry a reality by virtualizing existing paper forms while integrating real-time business intelligence. AnesthesiaEMR™ makes clinical documentation incredibly simple and intuitive so that the providers remain focused on providing outstanding patient care, undistracted from “computer” data entry. Specifically designed by anesthesiologists for the mobile way anesthesiologist actually work, AnesthesiaEMR™ was developed to ultimately give doctors, hospitals, and patients the data they need to get better.

In fact, one of the primary reasons the Motion C5-series tablet was chosen as the hardware platform for the Graphium Health Anesthesia EMR solution was its durability and ability to be disinfected. The devices are used in a very mobile workflow where the potential for drops and bumps is always present. The ability to quickly disinfect the device with standard cleansers already being used in the field made the product a great, cost-efficient fit.

The ergonomic form factor and functionality of the Motion C5v were also key contributors to the selection process. The comfort of the handle paired with the convenience of the digitizer stylus and barcode reader made the device a perfect replacement for the paper forms historically used for charting. The software is designed to closely resemble the documents that users are accustomed to, and having a device that can emulate a clipboard and paper entry method minimized the training requirements. The integrated barcode scanner also allows for the quick capture of patient data, further increasing efficiency and accuracy when inputting data and raising the productivity level of the users.

These unique healthcare-sensitive features, combined with the ease of compatibility with backend business intelligence systems were stand-out factors in the selection of the Motion C5v platform. The fact that the device runs the full Windows® Pro operating system makes its integration with other pieces of the AnesthesiaEMR solution quick and easy, ultimately elevating the power and lowering the cost of the entire solution to incomparable levels.

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Graphium Health™ is about the convergence of good medicine and good technology. We know that well-designed solutions, made for the way doctors actually work, can make medicine safer, more affordable, more efficient, and more widely available. We also know that medical technology is worthless if it’s distracting, cumbersome, or unintuitive.

Graphium Health™ was founded by a team of private practice physicians, proven business intelligence experts, and skilled software architects who understand the business and information needs of healthcare providers. Our mission is to make hospitals, surgery centers, and private practices the best they can be – by developing technology that fits effortlessly into organizations’ preexisting workflows and helps health professionals keep their attention on providing outstanding patient care.

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