Why So Many Mobility Projects are Stalling (Maybe Even Yours)?

A couple months ago, former mobile solutions architect and current Xplore consultant Bob Ashenbrenner noted that “many companies are struggling to figure out how and when to invest in not just mobile technologies, but the right mobility solutions.” A similar sentiment is being sharedby SOTI CEO and founder Carl Rodrigues after reviewing the results of a recent study conducted by Arlington Research on his company’s behalf :

 "Many organizations are using mobility for the basics, but do not know how to implement the next level of mobile integration to transform their workforce…” he noted before adding that this hurdle ‘…is leaving businesses with a “piecemeal approach” to their mobile operations – a disconnected set of point solutions required to perform business critical operations.’

Sifting through the multitude of mobile device variations is far from simple. But, it’s not impossible.

Though there is a consensus among organizations worldwide that more mobility tools are needed in the workplace (for many reasons), there is also a consensus that shopping for effective mobility solutions can be complex.

That is precisely why I’ve invited Group Mobile president Darin White to join me for an Intel-sponsored “coffee break” on September 21 with Field Technologies Online editor Sarah Nicastro. We will have a very open and honest conversation about why so many executives are hesitant to buy into more advanced mobile technology implementations given the business process improvements that have been repeatedly credited to increased utilization of mobile devices. We also need to explore the reasons why so many employees (49%) are fearful of – and frustrated by – mobility downtime.

18% of workers that SOTI surveyed that they “suffer” through mobile device outages for extended periods of time.

In my opinion, both of these issues boil down to one underlying challenge: Too many companies don’t have a well-planned buying process for mobility solutions. Often, they have many good ideas for possible uses of mobility, yet they may skip steps in the buying and evaluation process to meet an accelerated timeline, or they may fail to take certain actions early enough in the process to ensure success. For example, they know they need X, Y and Z capabilities, but spend months scouring the web, chugging through sales meetings and churning through testing cycles without ever securing executive sponsorship or proving the business case. There’s a tendency by many managers to gravitate towards mobile device brands that they are familiar with from their personal lives; consumer brands that aren’t suited for professional environments. And, while your mobile device decision alone can’t make or break the success of your organization’s mobility project, device failures are a leading cause of worker downtime. Picking incompatible device-software-accessory combinations because it was hard to make an apples-to-apples “solution” comparison online or forgetting to consider the true durability requirements beyond a “ruggedized case”, often leads to project failure in the eyes of workers and executives.

The unrivaled Advantage with Rugged Tablets

Thus the reason why Xplore is working with partners such as Intel and Group Mobile to create a templatized action plan that every company can reference when buying mobile technologies. A roadmap that gives you turn-by-turn guidelines on how to get from point A (your problem) to point B (your solution) without any costly detours along the way.

 I’m confident that if we – collectively with our customers and partners – help simplify the “shopping” process from day one, organizations will be able to make more informed technology purchasing decisions and secure executive support for full-scale implementations. They will also realize the benefits of improved worker productivity and more cost-effective workflow execution. In short, a single shift in your mobile buying strategy and process can put your organization in a position to more expeditiously advance its business goals and take advantage of new revenue-generating opportunities.

Mobile Tech Buyers' Guide Webinar

If you want to move your mobility project forward quickly – and move your company closer to productivity and growth goals via mobility – View the recorded webinar with Group Mobile president Darin White and Field Technologies editor Sarah Nicastro. You’ll walk away with the know-how and resources to choose a mobile solution that’s capable of improving business process efficiency and, therefore, your operational performance and profitability levels. 

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