What a B2B Tech Company Can Learn from CES

Ces logo.jpgAs I sit on a plane to Asia, I finally have time to take in everything I saw at CES a few weeks back. As the COO of a B2B technology company, some may ask why I take the time to attend a consumer-focused technology show. It’s exciting, sure, but it is also essential to defining our product road map. At the end of the day, we are all consumers. Technologies that start with consumers, we see move to business – and vice versa – with specific differences, of course – but the same concept overall.

If you attended or have read any coverage of CES, you’ll know the buzz was generally around the following:

a. In-Vehicle electronics and infotainment systems

b. Wearable devices - athletics, watches and health

c. 3D printing

What I personally took away from CES was that right now – it’s all about the small embedded sensors that are collecting information about you and your environment and then doing something with that information that assists you in some way. Whether it is a camera in a car that helps you drive or a motion sensor in a thermostat that knows you are home or even a set of earphones that monitors your pulse while you run. I think the same can be applied to enterprise workflows. Sensors in a miner’s helmet could warn of danger or 3D cameras could capture a construction site and provide a virtual walkthrough for the client.

We will increasingly find tiny, low power, smart sensors that will become our personal assistants in life. And, isn’t that what technology is supposed to be all about? To help improve our lives – whether that is relationships, health, finances or work? In B2B mobile technology - where we are focused on helping our customers improve bottom lines – it is more important than ever to focus on the end-user. At the end of the day our customers are full of consumers working as hard they can to provide for their families, make a difference and/or capture success in whatever way they define it. Technology can play a big role in this – making their work smarter, faster and safer than ever before.

This year’s CES proved that today’s B2B Tech companies have their work cut out for them. More and more business users are aware of the tech trends out there – they expect a consumer-like experience in their work environment. And the companies themselves want risk-adverse, low-cost, easy implementable solutions that work. The B2B companies that can ride that line – and provide both – will succeed.

Michael Johnson
COO, Motion Computing

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