Protecting Utilities’ Infrastructure Assets with the Right Mobile Assets

Right now, utilities are facing more pressure than ever to design, develop, maintain and repair widespread assets that keep our water running, our power on and our devices online – and in expedited timeframes no less. That means that your workers must be able to remain online at all times themselves. The only true way to make that happen is by choosing – and committing long-term – to a mobile tablet PC that delivers non-negotiable rugged performance standards, powerful processing and expansion capabilities that match the growth rate of your business.

Public Safety vehicles using Vehicle Area Networks for Mobile Technology

Utilities are better equipped to protect their assets and extend the lifespan of aging infrastructure if they have mobile assets in place that can help them do both. That means that the mobile assets utilized for inspection and repair tasks, for example, also need a shelf-life that extends far beyond a year or two; mobile assets require investment protection as well.

That’s why, in our latest generation of Xplore and Motion rugged tablets, we were extra diligent to incorporate all of the feedback our customers have given with regards to their business objectives to ensure our platforms accommodate their unique operating requirements both today and five years from now. We’ve customized a wide breadth of Windows-based, Intel-powered products that not only gives unparalleled mobile connectivity to workers in both remote and urban environments, but delivers faster data capture and sharing to allow for real-time collaboration between the field and home office.

Need the most rugged tablets for the harshest environment? We have it. Need a light and rugged device for workers who service residential customers? Check. Need a rugged tablet with 12.5” screen for software displays that require a lot of real-estate? Need Windows Pro support? Need Android for a set of workers that require those specific apps? We deliver all of it, while staying true to our iconic Xplore and Motion ruggedized chassis designs.

But more importantly, we do more than just manufacture devices. Xplore understands and delivers a scalable portfolio of software, services and devices for the field, vehicle and office, all within a form factor built to run strong for many generations and survive the harshest challenges of the utility work environment.

Utilities quickly find that when they collaborate with Xplore to solve their mobility challenges, they’re able to rapidly deploy the right tools in the field to enable better decision making and labor cost savings among workers during inspection, metering, service initiation and asset management tasks. This level of mobile computing tool customization from end-to-end is how we have always been able to – and will continue to – extend the shelf-life of utilities’ mobility investments. In turn, utilities are well-positioned to build new, maintain current and restore other aging infrastructure assets for years to come.

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