Goldilocks & the Three (Rugged) Mobile Computers: Which Would She Say is Just Right?

We all know the childhood fairy tale: Goldilocks wanders into the forest and stumbles upon an unknown, but intriguing house. She sees three bowls of porridge – each a different size – and proceeds to taste-test all of them before finding one that was just right. With her bowl in hand, she then proceeds to find the “right size” chair to sit in and then the bed that’s “just right” for her nap.

But what if she was a utility field technician, a miner, or an oil refinery engineer? What if she was looking for a mobile computer that had the “right size” screen for the software and workflows? What if she needed to conduct more thorough inspections, expedite equipment installations with improved accuracy, or make more well-informed decisions about process adjustments based on actual measurements versus historical trends? And what if she needed uninterrupted, two-way access to her employer’s information systems around the clock; in snow, sleet rain, or sun; whether on foot or forklift?

Which Xplore Rugged Tablet Would You Choose?

If she only had the resources to invest in a single mobile computer platform once every 3-5 years, which form factor would she find to be the right choice: A 5” handheld PC? A 10-12” tablet PC? Or a 15-20” notebook?

That depends, I suppose. Which of these devices is also built with...

  • The IP rating and HazLoc protection that was “just right” for her to fend off environmental adversaries while on the job?
  • The future-proof (and backwards compatible) I/O connectivity and in-vehicle solutions needed to stay connected to the things she needs to have a productive day no matter where she wanders?
  • The operating system, processing power, storage capacity and security that would prove to be exactly right for her every computing need for years to come, even those she can’t yet anticipate?
  • The right balance of mobility, computing capabilities, and flexibility to adapt to the environment around her? (After all, she is a girl on the move.)

The answer may not be so simple for her, or for you. Thus, the reason why this modern day spin on Goldilocks’ storybook process is no fairy tale for manufacturers, shippers, utilities, energy producers, public safety professionals or, really, anyone who ever works outside a traditional office environment. It’s not always obvious at first whether a laptop, tablet, or handheld form factor will prove to be right for your business. And, even if you can choose the form factor with confidence – say a rugged tablet – there are still hundreds of feature options, ruggedness levels, and workflow considerations that have to be filtered before you can confidently invest in field testing, much less make a final decision and execute a full blown (and completely flawless )mobile workforce deployment.

It’s a field service dilemma as old as (mobile computing) time – and there’s no “by the book” answer that can be applied to this very difficult decision making process.

So I’ve asked Intel’s Alan Rose to join me for a 45-minute discussion about whether solving your mobile computing “Goldilocks dilemma” is as easy as the storybook star makes it look. We’ll talk about whether or not there’s a simplified approach that our customers – like you – can follow to navigate the complexities of picking a mobile computer (and complete mobility solution). We’ve all been there. Trying to:

  • Weigh the pros and the cons of each mobile PC option against their alignment with factoring criteria.
  • Balancing budgets against the need to find a mobile computer that’s built to last for more than a few years.
  • Finding a mobile computer that’s just right inside and out – as well as in and out of the office, inside the vehicle and out in the field.

It’s certainly not as easy as choosing the right screen size. That’s just one factor to consider, albeit a very important one for those who have to walk and work outside under bright light or the dark of night.

So join us as we discuss the criteria that Goldilocks would likely use if she were to stumble upon your job site one day and want to find a mobile computer – and really an entire mobility solution – that would fit in just right with the environment around her and the task at hand.

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WEBINAR: Goldilocks and the Three Mobile Computers:
Which Would She Say is “Just Right” for Your Field Service Environment?
Part of Xplore’s “Rugged or Risky?” Webinar Series

Tuesday, August 30th
12:00 - 1:00 PM CDT

Alan Rose, Intel’s Global Marketing Director for the Energy Industry
Bob Ashenbrenner, President of Durable Mobility Solutions, LLC*

* Bob works exclusively with Xplore Technologies to develop future-proof mobility solutions for customers across multiple field service and industrial sectors.