3 Tips to Transform your Fleet Vehicles from Functional to Phenomenal

For police, utility, insurance and all organizations that rely heavily on a field workforce, a fleet vehicle is more than a mere transportation vessel - it is the epicenter of productivity for workers on the front line.Follow these tips to transform your fleet vehicles into safe, connected and productive “mobile offices”.

1. Perform a Comprehensive Workflow Analysis
By understanding how your field force works, you will be able to identify the right type of mobile device and what integrated capabilities it should feature, how and where the device should be mounted, what software and applications are needed as well as what accessories would further enhance productivity.

For example, many police departments man their vehicles with two deputies, therefore a mounting set-up that allows for a passenger to sit and enter data is required. EMTs need to take their mobile devices out of vehicles and be hands-free, so the device needs to be portable and include a carry case. Insurance workers rely heavily on photos, so an intuitive, image capture and documentation software is essential.

Watch this video
to learn how the City of Brenham transformed their fleet vehicles and saved 30%.

2. Make Your Vehicle a Communications Hub
It’s easy to assume that wireless connectivity is a given into today’s world, but it is definitely not.Your mobile workers take their vehicles intoFleet Vehicles with Mobile Computing dead zones every day, multiple times a day.Ensure secure wireless connectivity is always available by installing a vehicle area network (VAN). Small, rugged units are available today that provide fast, reliable network and internet access for mobile workers in vehicles. (currently, VAN product is only available in North America)

3. Take Safety and Security to the Next Level without Sacrificing Productivity
According to Monash University, drivers who use mobile devices are 4 times more likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves. The statistics are alarming, and organizations around the country are working to drive change by encouraging new laws and executing public awareness campaigns.As we continue to see more guidelines, policies and laws enacted, technology is evolving as well. The latest mobile device safety innovations include specifications as to where and how mobile devices are mounted in the vehicle along with voice-activated controls and built-in sensors from innovative companies like Blank-IT that turn off the screen when the vehicle is in motion.The right technology can help limit distracted driving and save lives.Make this a priority when arming your vehicles with technology.

Just as keeping your drivers safe is critical, so is keeping your data secure.Selecting a mobile device and wireless solution that provide encryption technology or other types of security features will go a long way in protecting data loss and theft on mobile devices.