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XSLATE B10 Rugged Tablet News

CRN Products of the Year 2015

CRN - The Channel Company

By Tom Spring


"With its XSlate B10, rugged tablet maker Xplore Technologies brings to market an affordable, versatile 10.1-inch-display Windows tablet meant to withstand the harshest of environments, including exposure to extreme temperatures, dust, salt water, vibrations -- and those of us who are prone to drop things. Xplore, a rising star among rugged tablet makers, introduced the XSlate B10 just recently. CRN had a chance to take the tablet for a spin -- and drop it a few times as well."

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PC Magazine

PC Magazine

By Joel Santo Domingo

Xplore XSLATE B10 Rugged Tablet Review

"The Xplore XSlate B10 provides very good mobile computing power in a thin and light tablet that can take the knocks of everyday life. It's thinner and lighter than its rivals, and offers more computing power."

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Laptop Magazine

Laptop Magazine

By Henry T. Casey

Xplore XSLATE B10 Rugged Tablet Review

"With its powerful Intel Core i5 processor; bright, accurate screen; and ruggedized durability, the Xplore Xslate B10 ($2,799 as reviewed) is a great option to bring into the field. The Xslate's main drawback is that its battery life is shorter than that of the Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet ($2,964 as reviewed). Still, the Xslate beat the Latitude 12 in all other performance tests, which makes it worthy of your consideration"

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Field Service News

FSN (Field Service News)

Xplore XSLATE B10 Rugged Tablet Review

"The device is good looking, the buttons intuitively placed and the processing power is right at the top-end of the spectrum. It’s also highly certified in terms of ruggedness and has great connectivity specifications. Overall this is a fantastic tablet for somone working in a reasonably hostile environment but needs a powerful device with lots of CPU power."

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CRN banner.JPG


By Tom Spring

XSLATE B10 Rugged Tablet Review: Ample Ports, Tough Against Abuse

Xplore, a rising start among rugged tablet makers, introduced the B10 this week. CRN had a chance to take the tablet for a spin – and drop it a few times as well.

“Overall, the XSLATE B10 is a stellar addition to Xplore tablet lineup, reflecting a best-of-tech approach when it comes to integrating Xplore and recently acquired tablet maker Motion Computing.”

“The XSlate impresses with its no-compromise specs and expandability via eight standard ports. Xplore manages to deliver a truckload more features than archrival Panasonic does with its similarly priced ToughPad G1 ruggedized tablet.”

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Tablet PC Review

By Ed Hardy

Xplore XSLATE B10 Review

"Because of its relatively light weight and small size, the Xplore Xslate B10 comes across as a better option for use in the field than a rugged laptop. At the same time, it’s very well supplied with the ports that are necessary when working in a remote location."

"It’s these ports that separate this model from a regular consumer oriented tablet in a rugged case; the Xslate B10 has options built into it that users of a Surface Pro 3 can’t hope to match, like dual USB ports and Ethernet."

"Business oriented computers always sell for more than consumer oriented ones do, especially when they are ruggedized. That’s why it’s no surprise that the base MSRP for the Xslate B10 is $2799. That will change with upgraded features."

"For comparison, a Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet is $3198.67. This model has a larger screen, which helps explain the higher price, but it still helps demonstrate that Xplore’s price is in the right ballpark."

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Rugged PC Review

By Conrad Bickenstorfer

Xplore Technologies XSLATE B10 Benchmarks and Comparisons

“One of the primary reasons why Xplore chose to add the XSLATE B10 as a high-end version of the Bobcat is the state of the art 5th generation “Broadwell” processor. The results are impressive. The XSLATE B10 is over twice as fast as the already quick Bobcat. What this means is that the XLATE B10 is a high performance tablet for virtually any job, even complex, demanding ones.”  “With the light and handy Windows-based XSLATE B10, Xplore not only complements its line of ultra-rugged tablets, but provides an enhanced and significantly more powerful tablet to further broaden and expand Xplore’s reach in the rugged market.”

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Eweek big.JPG


By Nathan Eddy

Xplore Technologies Launches XSLATE B10 Rugged Tablet

"The B10 has many advantages over the competition. Xplore has created a complete solution for predominate workflows and delivers a complete solution that includes tablet, peripherals, software, and services, making the offerings more unique and targeted. "

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XSLATE D10 Rugged Android Tablet News

XSLATE D10 Wins Intel Client Platform of the Year

XSLATE D10 Rugged Tablet Wins Intel Client Platform of the Year Award for 2016

“We are honored Intel recognized our newest product, the Xplore XSLATE D10, with the Client Platform of the Year award,” said Mark Holleran, president and COO of Xplore Technologies. “The XSLATE D10 redefines the possibilities when it comes to rugged Android tablets, and meets the grueling demands of customers across industries that require the flexibility of Android and the processing power from Intel.” 

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Commercial Carrier Journal

CCJ - Commercial Carrier Journal

By Aaron Huff

Xplore XBOOK D10 Review

Within a few minutes of testing the XBOOK D10, it was apparent that the computer has functions that rival any laptop or desktop computer. Its touch mouse pad, for example, is a nice addition to the keyboard by making it easy to transition between the office and the field. It has a flexible footprint that allows for easy set up at home, on a desk, or mounted to a vehicle dash or secured to a field worker with the hand-strap on the backside.


Rugged PC Review

By Conrad Bickenstorfer

Xplore XSLATE D10 Review

With the XSlate D10, Xplore Technologies has now also brought its Android-based thin-and-light (but still very rugged) 10.1-inch tablet technologically up-to-date. This means greater processing and communications performance for a platform that can also draw on a remarkably broad and complete lineup of supporting and complementary peripherals.

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The Utility Source

The Utility Source

Meet Utilities’ New Fully Rugged Android Champion

With a rare combination of 4GB RAM and 64GB SSD, this lightweight D10 Android champion packs twice as much punch as any other Android device currently on the market in the storage and energy-saving categories. And there is no other Android mobile PC - of any size, rugged or not - that gives utility professionals a full set of I/O ports.

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