Global Market Leader, Shell, Advances Engineering Beyond Paper Processes

Shell Gas (LPG), a global market leader in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)  sales and technology is an international organization, whose name is  synonymous with fuel excellence. At Shell Gas UK, Xplore tablets are primarily used for engineering functions to maintain the vessels  at the customer’s location, install new LPG vessels into  new customer properties, and remove them when they  are no longer needed. Each installation is completely  different; the bulk gas storage tanks can be located  above ground or underground, and these vessels  are available in different sizes.

 “The key requirement for us is true  ruggedness. The Xplore tablets are IP67 compliant and  third party tested. Also, the tablet’s mobility and screen  size allowed us to view the electronic forms properly.  Poundland, Kilburn, London, United Kingdom This is important for us. What we really wanted is a good,  robust system with fast data processing capabilities,  and we found it in Xplore’s rugged tablets.”