Wyoming Department of Health Mitigates EMS Data Demands

“The patient is priority; the computer’s second,” explained Otsby. “Not only were we looking for an incredibly sturdy mobile solution, but one that could be easily disinfected to avoid cross-contamination. Not many laptops, notebooks, smartphones, or even tablets fit that description today, much less seven or eight years ago; but we weren’t in a position to compromise on our rugged or computing criteria.”

As soon as WATRS went live, the OEMS team immediately reduced the amount of time they spent recording incident response details. There’s was also an impressive improvement in the quality of data being entered into WATRS and a reduction in lost data. Otsby estimates that the Xplore ultra-rugged tablets still save about 40-50% of time previously spent recording and tracking data. Report retrieval times also decreased, eventually being sent to necessary parties immediately upon completion.