Mt. Lebanon Fire Dept. Doubles Number of Annual Occupancy Inspections with Xplore Mobile Technology

Established in 1918, the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department provides all-hazards, all-risks fire and rescue services to the residents of Mt. Lebanon near the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A major functional area for Mt. Lebanon Fire Department is its Fire Prevention & Life Safety Education division, which includes inspections and re-inspections of all occupancies in the town, such as residential dwellings, businesses, restaurants, churches, schools and nursing facilities.

It was during FIREHOUSE Software’s annual training seminar that Mt. Lebanon Fire Department first discovered the Motion® F5 by Xplore Tablet PC, a Windows - based tablet powered by the Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor.

“The tablet is mobile, rugged and has a durable display that’s viewable in direct sunlight. In addition, it provides the processing power and integrated features we need, such as digital and web cameras, at a price point that was half of what we were paying for the rugged laptops used inside the fire engines,” said Wallace. “It’s exactly what we want in a device while also seamlessly integrating with our backend systems.”