Xplore Tablet PCs Help Norris Public Power District Realize up to 75% in Time Savings

Norris Public Power District is the proud provider of wholesale and retail electric service to 44 communities in five counties across southeast Nebraska. Dedicated to providing its 18,000 customers with safe, reliable and affordable energy service, the non-profit, publicly-owned company strives to keep rates low while providing the highest quality of service, which enables customers to achieve their ultimate business and personal goals.

With its entire meter service depending on the paper-based process, Norris Public Power District knew it needed an upgrade in order to deliver on its goal of providing the highest quality of service possible. The District began looking at rugged laptops, but found the design to be too heavy and cumbersome for field use, and ended finding exactly what is was looking for in the Motion F5-Series Tablet by Xplore.