Why Government Should Rally around Rugged Tablet Innovations

If you read any headline or survey related to public sector IT, you’ll see that mobility, business analytics, and paperless processes are the immediate priority. So is the creation of a “smarter” process to almost everything under their purview. But as I noted previously, large-scale innovation is dependent on the design and implementation of smarter, workflow-specific processes – which is dependent on smarter mobility strategies that can support today’s widely dispersed workforce model.

Those that embrace mobile computing innovations, in particular, will be better positioned to follow visionary IT roadmaps to a tee and execute new transportation, infrastructure, and even education initiatives within months versus years. Here’s why:

  1. It’s clear that paper-based processes and piecemeal business systems (including incompatible computer hardware/software) are obstacles to execution – not innovation. They are not conducive to collaboration, real-time data analysis, or fast progress.
  2. Government workers are increasingly dispatched into the field to support community growth and recovery initiatives in a more hands-on role. It’s rare that entire teams are working from the same location at the same time anymore.
  3. Constituents are always connected, always engaged, and always advocating for more rapid government response to critical situations – whether they be public safety, infrastructure, welfare, or economic issues.

Rugged tablets are the one technology that’s proven to enable real-time data access and management, business intelligence analytics, records management, and rapid, informed response capabilities for the entire workforce – regardless of whether they’re “mobile” on foot, vehicle, or lift, or even a traditional office worker. Rugged tablets are, in fact, the most fundamental “smart” technology innovation any organization in any sector can incorporate into their operations today to realize immediate ROI.

Rugged Tablets are proven technology for Government mobility workflows

The leading rugged tablet manufacturers are forward-thinking visionaries who – at the behest of customers – continue to innovate, even though their technologies have proven their value in the public and private sectors for nearly 20 years now. They’re always striving to make the technology, and therefore the customer, smarter. The best rugged tablet platforms are constantly being refined to deliver the precise level of PC processing power, storage capacity, connectivity, memory, software compatibility, and data capture capabilities for each government department’s specialized workflow structure. Plus, rugged tablets are the only form factor designed with the uncompromising feature sets, flexibility, and expandability to accommodate each of these critical government computing criteria for years to come. They make it easy for organizations to adopt, adapt, and expand workflows in the field and in the back-office, and they don’t necessarily require an abandonment of familiar, tried-and-true data capture methods.

Sure, workforce automation and field service mobility may not be as sexy as the Internet of Things to the general population. But reliable mobile computing technologies are essential to the government’s ability to eventually implement such widely-exciting technologies in force; they provide every tool needed to apply resources in more creative and efficient ways and ultimately fuel the “smart” city movement despite a smaller workforce or budget.

Plus, rugged tablets are the only mobile PC form factor that’s capable of supporting  every criteria set forth by today’s government leaders. Commercial/consumer-grade mobile devices cannot provide the platform stability and expandability to accommodate future growth of business systems, data demands, and workflow additions…without requiring frequent hardware or software replacement. They also can’t deliver the highly efficient and cohesive end-to-end mobility systems to support every department, every workflow, and every new innovation like rugged tablets can today.

There’s always a ripple effect in any organization – whether it comes from the top down or the ground up. Rugged tablets are uniquely positioned to move the needle in both directions and drive an easier path towards smart cities, a far-reaching smart grid network, etc. with significant cost-savings benefits. Take the time to closely evaluate your government organization’s basic process challenges and consider the ways that rugged tablets and other mobile technologies can support a smarter, more strategic, and more efficient path forward.

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