Meet Your New Wingman, Your Hardest Worker: The Rugged Tablet that Doesn’t Compromise

This may seem like a random question, but when was the last time you weather-proofed your work? I mean really shielded, even physically sealed, the valuable critical data you input into your mobile computing device every day despite your device’s exposure to rain, snow, ice or dust?

And no, slapping a rugged case on your "tough" mobile computing device doesn’t count. We both know that this quick fix is not impenetrable by any means and just as vulnerable to damage from the environmental elements they’re meant to guard against anyways.

I'm talking about protecting the integrity of the data that drives your daily productivity by protecting the integrity of the rugged mobile PC that's central to your organization’s livelihood. I’m talking about physically sealing the I/O ports most critical to your workflows in the same way you seal the doors and windows critical to the security of your personal livelihood at home; building in safeguards against device failure during extreme temperature fluctuations; and making your mobile computing device immune to the harsh work environments typical to daily manufacturing, telco, transportation and distribution operations.

The XSLATE B10 Fully Rugged Tablet PC

When was the last time you weather-proofed your work to this extent?

Probably never.

That’s because, until today, you didn’t have access to a rugged mobile PC that offered all of these protections in a single platform. Until today, there wasn’t a mobile computing solution fully rugged enough and fully ready to keep the work flowing no matter when or where you’re working.

Until today, you couldn’t employ the  Xplore XSLATE B10 for your toughest jobs.

But today, that all changes.

I invite you to meet the hardest mobile worker on the market today. The XSLATE B10, at 10.1”, is a truly mobile, fully featured, and fully rugged tablet PC that will command your employees’ full attention in the field.

The XSLATE B10 is a tough tablet PC that has been ruggedly designed, sealed and delivered by our innovative engineering team to eliminate your need to compromise on rugged protection, features, or price. An extremely resilient, supremely rugged tablet PC that – for the first time ever – works powerfully around the clock; giving you access to all eight I/O ports you may ever need, all the time.

And we’re introducing you to this ideal wingman because we understand that, in your business, connections matter...

  • RJ45 Ethernet cable connection for fastest data or to test network speeds
  • True Serial port connections for access to legacy equipment
  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connections for constant communications with colleagues and customers

And since the work seldom stops, the XSLATE B10 works hard to give you maximum uptime with…

  • A 20-hour hot swappable second battery option that keeps your device charged long after your energy runs low
  • Intel Broadwell processors that power long and strong all day

Today, some may say we’ve raised the bar or set new standards for rugged mobility. But really, you set the standard. We’re just the first ones to meet all of them with our new XSLATE B10 rugged tablet PC.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

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