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Webinar Series: Rugged or Risky?

A New Monthly Webinar Series Hosted by Xplore
Beginning in July, join us for these 45-minute “coffee break” chats about the real mobile computing issues faced today by real customers. Lower your mobility risk and increase your ROI potential by tuning in each month.

August Webinar: Goldilocks and the Three Mobile Computers: Which Would She Say is “Just Right” for Your Field Service Environment?

Searching for the perfect mobile computer that is just the "right size" and built to work "just right" for you? Or that satisfies all of your workers' "tastes," supports your numerous workflows, integrates with your legacy business systems, and aligns with your future goals? Join us for a discussion with Intel's Alan Rose and Bob Ashenbrenner, President of Durable Mobility Technologies, LLC.

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co-presented with Intel

July Webinar: What does “Solution Provider” really mean?

In this webinar Darin White, president of Group Mobile*, and Bob Ashenbrenner, President of Durable Mobility Technologies, LLC, will explain what “solution provider” really means to you and the success of your mobile workforce.

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*Group Mobile is a long-time Xplore Platinum Partner and is a rugged, mobile and field-use computing solutions provider. 

June Webinar: Do Rugged Tablets Really Cost More Than Any Other Mobile PC Option?

In this on-demand webinar, Tom Kost, Product Marketing Manager at Xplore Technologies, and Bob Ashenbrenner, President, Durable Mobility Technologies, LLC, will help you navigate the factors that define mobile PC hardware pricing and the actual cost of ownership for the total mobile solution. They'll also help you balance the pros and cons of various mobile PC form factors and feature sets against the price of maintaining device/data protection and performance.

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