U.S. Sugar cuts data input cost to zero, reduces errors and lost data

The United States Sugar Corporation (U.S. Sugar) is one of America’s premier privately held agribusiness companies, and utilizes railroad transportation to move their product. With Xplore Rugged Tablet PCs as the centerpiece, U.S. Sugar announced the creation of its “Full Throttle Innovation program.”

The objective of the program “is to provide a real time comprehensive view of the entire U.S. Sugar cane network,” said U.S. Sugar’s Heather Banky. By pairing sophisticated applications with the industry’s most durable tablet PC, the company was able to track when and where each car was loaded as well as its current status. “Railroad operations will use the information for day-to-day logistics planning,” Banky added. “This program will become the building block for future improvements.”

“With this program in place, U.S. Sugar has improved control over a large area of its operations, has cut its data input cost to zero, and has reduced errors and lost data, allowing it to get the maximum, premium yield from their cane fields."