Who Knows Best?  IT or End Users?

For a mobile technology deployment to be successful, many stakeholders need to be included in the software/ app and device selection process.  The business leaders themselves need to be involved to define project goals.  IT needs to be involved to ensure the software / apps and hardware work with existing systems and processes.  Finance needs to be included in the decision and of course, the end users themselves need to be consulted.

Managing this team of stakeholders and coming to a group decision can seem close to impossible.  When it comes down to it – who knows best?  Today, more and more organizations are opting for end user acceptance of mobile technology over budget, business leader and IT preference.

After an intense mobile technology selection process where end-users were ultimately awarded with their mobile device platform of choice, Jon Regan, Head of SAP Competency Centre at Thames WaterThames Water said “This is not just about the popularity - or even the capabilities - of what we have chosen. IT teams cannot live in an ivory tower and such strong collaboration between the IT team and end users does incredibly good things…we anticipate strong adoption leading to improvements in productivity.”

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At the end of the day, the end users, the people actually using the mobile technology (or not using the technology) will affect the speed at which business goals are met and return on investment achieved.  It’s that simple.  And, to ensure the right choices are presented to end users for evaluation and feedback, they should be brought into the planning process early on.

The first step in selecting the right mobile technology is to truly understand the workflows being automated.  Who knows that better than the people who do them every day?  When end-users are part of defining the requirements for mobile technology, the selection process will go even smoother.