The First Pictures: Motion Welcomes New Generation…of Power (Intel’s 5th Gen), Speed (4G XLTE), Security

The New F5m / C5m Rugged Motion Tablets

Here they are: F5m and C5m. Introduced to the world today, these newest members of the Motion family are the result of customers’ contributions to our mutual growth. While the pictures capture their essence, this video shows a new breed of rugged tablet PCs whose DNA features brand new 5 thGen Intel®Core™ processors (Broadwell-U 2+3), including the highest performing i7 vPro™ chipset; Windows® 7 Professional and Windows® 8.1 Pro; and new ultra-high speed 4G XLTE broadband radios built into the iconic Motion chassis design and secured with multi-factor authentication requirements.

Motion understands that there’s no point in recreating the wheel or fixing something that’s not broken. Our goal was to take what worked with past tablet platforms and just add more power, more speed, more security and more data capture capabilities. The F5m/C5m platforms were created with you, for you, to be the mobile solution you need now and will still want a year from now as new workflows emerge and extend to the mobile environment.

Whether you work in manufacturing, healthcare, mining/natural resources, oil and gas or the utility or public safety sectors…you know your purpose and so do we. You know what your job demands and you constantly modify your operating strategy, identify and utilize new tools and ultimately seek ways to work smarter and faster. Well, so do we.

For the last 13 years, Motion Computing has been working side-by-side with your execs, IT departments and even rookie employees to ensure your mobile workforce is, well, mobile. We aren’t here to tell you what you want. Your workers already do that plenty. Our purpose has always been to help you understand how you can take the tools already in your IT toolbox and make them better, faster, stronger…and of course more mobile and more predictable. That’s why the F5m and C5m rugged tablet PCs were born today.

The biggest challenges to mobility in rugged field service environments are not simply the extreme weather conditions, exposure to gas and chemicals, or rough handling that devices are exposed to daily. Though those issues can’t be discounted as insignificant; a device must be able to survive such bumps, bruises and spills without having to take a “sick day” or forced into a “discharge” from service.

The New F5m / C5m Rugged Motion Tablets

No, to the surprise of some, the reason many mobile devices pitched for “field service” haven’t been making the cut is because they haven’t had the capabilities to extend all critical workflows to the field. They were lacking processing power, speed, connectivity and security – and they still required too many wires for a supposedly wireless device. The unpredictability that comes with not knowing if and when – or how quickly – workers can capture and share critical data was becoming too costly.Our customers would rather pay a couple more dollars a day for a few years on the right mobile devices to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity from their mobile workforce than pay for a brand that workers know as consumers and may think they want – until it hinders their performance and costs them money in lost commissions due to longer sales cycles, fewer jobs completed, etc. if the device can’t help them close on the spot.

Your workers – and your assets – have to adapt to remain efficient, cost-effective and ultimately grow your business in challenging work environments. As the success of your organization become more reliant on the capabilities of your mobile workforce, the seemingly natural evolution of business practices today, then the success of your organization also becomes more reliant on the capabilities of your workers’ mobile devices. That’s why Motion has brought you the F5m/C5m solutions. We want to give you the level of power, speed, connectivity and security mandatory for your workers, and organization, to be successful in – and especially – out of the office.

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